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RSVP: Economist Dr. Thomas Potiowsky, June 13 – ELGL is hosting a luncheon with former State Economist and current Chair of the Portland State Economics Department, Dr. Thomas Potiowsky. The discussion will be on the US recovery and the new economic environment. This information will be relevant to long-term local government revenues and anyone interested in budgeting.

Talkin’ About My Generation with ELGL-Eugene – Please find the attached announcement regarding the upcoming lunch seminar scheduled for Thursday, June 21 in Springfield. Special thanks to Judy Williams at Lane County for putting the agenda together and Jeff Towery at Springfield for agreeing to host us next month.


Good way to get kids to look at camera

Majority in U.S. Dissatisfied With Next Generation’s Prospects – Nearly six in 10 Americans are currently dissatisfied with the opportunity for the next generation of Americans to live better than their parents, although half are satisfied with the opportunity to get ahead through hard work.


I really need to start carrying chalk in my car.

The Right Way to Help a Friend Job Search – Forbes – When friends need help, our instinct is to do whatever we can to “fix” the problem. But, when it comes to the job hunt, this isn’t always the best approach. Read on for some smart strategies for really helping out.

Management Tip: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Tweet – Of the 175 million tweets generated each day, how many are actually worthwhile? Some are more valued than others. Here are three types of tweets you should avoid sending, no matter how tempted you are.

Make Office Politics Work for You – You may try to avoid it, but the reality is that office politics is how power is managed in many organizations. Here are three ways you can navigate the system, even if you object to it.

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Deteriorating standards: The increasing popularity of txt spk and Twitter has rung the death knell for the Queen's English Society

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horse humor; Image ONLY

Is texting ruining the art of conversation? Statistics from the Pew Internet & American Life Project show that, these days, many people with cell phones prefer texting over a phone call. It’s not always young people, though the data indicate that the younger you are, the more likely you are to prefer texting.

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