The Bible of Performance Measurement

Some may prefer Harry Potter or Hunger Games books but we, government workers, much prefer Municipal Benchmarks: Assessing Local Performance and Establishing Community Standards by David Ammons. Most of us have referenced it throughout our public careers.

Well there is good news – the 3rd edition is now available. Here is what you have in store when you pick it up.

Completely updated with new listings and statistics throughout, this comprehensive resource gives urban experts, municipal leaders, management analysts, and pre-professionals essential practical tools to establish and assess a municipality’s performance in all areas of operation. It goes beyond the current literature on local government performance measurement and offers benchmarks on more than 40 key topics against which performance can be assessed.

The book includes relevant national standards developed by professional associations and actual performance targets, as well as performance results from a large selection of respected city governments. This edition provides new or expanded listings of professional standards across the full array of municipal functions. Two all-new chapters cover economic development and benchmarks for municipal airports, call centers, mail centers, print shops, and public information offices. Performance statistics for more than 250 city governments help public management professionals keep abreast of the most current information available

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