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ELGL Central Oregon – Roundtable on Innovation May 11, noon- 1 p.m., location tbd. Participate in a facilitated roundtable to discuss ideas to encourage innovation in the public sector.  Bring your ideas and be prepared to join the conversation! Coordinated by Justin Cutler, Colleen Miller, and Robyn Christie.

Clackamas County, Oregon – Clackamas County Commissioners invite the public to an open forum with the Clackamas County Commissioners Wednesday, May 2 at 5:30 p.m. in the Clackamas County Development Services Building, Room 118, 150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, on the Red Soils campus.

Metro: Too many phone books? – If you want to reduce the number of phone directories that are delivered to your doorstep, follow these tips.


Wilsonville reviews $135 million proposed budget for 2012-13 – Wilsonville City Manager Bryan Cosgrove labeled the city’s $135 million proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year “status quo,” providing the same level of services to residents and businesses.

Food Truck Sales Tax Passes D.C. Council, Expected to Bring in $1.2 Million a Year – D.C.’s food trucks are more and more popular with eaters, but not so with owners of brick-and-mortar restaurants. Though food truck operators face their own challenges, traditional restaurateurs complain that they skirt by on one big issue: they don’t pay sales taxes.

Jefferson County Readies for Austerity With No State Help – Officials in bankrupt Jefferson County are considering closing courts one day a week, stopping meal delivery for the elderly poor and eliminating building inspections in anticipation of the Alabama Legislature ending its 2012 session without letting it raise taxes.

Novick Unchained – The City Council candidate is riding such a groundswell of support, he feels he can voice any idea. He has a lot of them.

Slowing Down Cars Saves Lives. So Why Is Toronto’s Mayor So Opposed?Toronto mayor Rob Ford thinks the idea of reducing speed limits in the city to save lives is “nuts, nuts, nuts.”

See the Multco budget recommendations made by expert citizen boards | Multnomah County – After receiving extensive information about the programs of county departments and much thoughtful consideration, the county’s Citizen Budget Advisory Committees (CBACs) have released their recommendations for the County’s 2012-13 budget.

Temporary Cities: The newest Urban Planning trend? | Sustainable Cities Collective – Urban planning has traditionally operated on a very long time line. There is something to be said for this approach, which enabled grand visions to be enacted over the generations.

TriMet submits final contract offer to arbitrator; calls union health-care concessions ‘token gesture’ – The proposal, the agency said, would make significant changes to “the design” of the standard health-care package, saving about $13.8 million over the life of the three-year contract.

Commissioners back city budget, but not without a fight – The Corvallis Budget Commission voted unanimously Tuesday night to endorse City Manager Jim Patterson’s spending proposal for the next fiscal year, but only after a bruising debate over more than a dozen proposed amendments.


 Why It’s OK to Swear and Other Top News For Women at Work

Pitting Employees Against Each Other … for Health – Businesses are borrowing techniques from digital games in an effort to encourage regular exercise and foster healthy eating…

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Now BrandYourself Users Can See The Companies Googling Them – BrandYourself, a startup offering a cheap and easy approach to managing your Google results, has added a new feature to answer one of those burning questions: Who are the people Googling me?

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