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The Oregonian and KGW host mayoral debate April 30, invite voters’ questions – Log on to Facebook and leave your questions with The Oregonian.

Metro GreenScene – Want to see how nature can thrive in the middle of a city? Join Metro volunteers May 5 to add native plantings to the ecoroof at Metro’s headquarters, overlooking the downtown Portland skyline.


Convention center might tap general fund – So bleak was the financial situation at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center in March 2009 that manager David Bobo wrote to his supervisor, Mike Combs, saying “answers need to be found before it reaches crisis proportions in less than two years.”

State buying lots of SUVs – A curious thing happened when former Gov. Gary Locke signed an executive order in 2005 freezing the purchase of four-wheel drive sport-utility vehicles: the state started buying more.

Oregon PERS: About 1 in 10 pensioners are rehired, draw a second public paycheck – Rehiring retirees is a practice that public employers endorse as a cost-effective way to keep qualified staff and meet temporary staffing needs. Yet it’s potentially expensive for PERS and limits hiring and advancement opportunities, especially in rural Oregon.

Documents hint at frustrations that led to Bauer’s fall from Bainbridge City Hall – Widely celebrated in November for saving the city from the worst financial crisis in its history, Bauer found herself having to look for a new job in January, when the City Council decided her job performance wasn’t up to par. Many island residents — and even a few council members — are still scratching their heads over Bauer’s fast rise and faster fall.

Tough chapter for Salem library – Once again, Salem Public Library is on the chopping block during budget season. So are several other city departments. City Manager Linda Norris is charged with the task of determining where to cut $2.5 million to balance a $108 million city budget.


Good Managers Lead Through a Team – We consider the ability to manage a team so important that, in a recent book, we made it one of the “3 Imperatives”

Why Face-to-Face Networking Still Trumps Social Networking – According to a new report from the “social discovery” site Badoo, 39% of Americans now spend more time socializing online than they do in person. In addition, nearly 20% prefer communication via text or the Internet over talking face to face or on the phone. But focusing strictly on e-networking and digital communication can hurt your career, not to mention your social skills where they really count—in the real world.

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