Job Postings: Happy Valley and NWSDS

Senior Account, City of Happy Valley

The City of Happy Valley has posted a Senior Accountant position.  Closing date – April 30, 2012.  This is a new position at the City and we am very excited about.  Please see our website for the job description and qualifications.

The timeframe is short so I would very much appreciate it if you passed this on to anyone who might be interested. Thank you for your help.

Contact: Barbara Muller, CPA, Happy Valley Finance Director

HR Generalist, NorthWest Senior & Disability Services

A great opportunity for someone who loves the full range of HR. We have great benefits, good stability, good pay in a great environment. We value customer service, professionalism, a positive attitude and a commitment to the clients we serve.

Position closes April 30, 2012.

Contact: Kathryn Dodge, Human Resources Manager