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 National High Five Day



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Clackamas County commission to start holding night meetings once a month, town halls each quarter – A number of residents for months requested night meetings. They said Thursday morning meetings unfairly require people to take time off work in order to be heard by their elected officials.

Value of Volunteer Time | Independent Sector – Estimated dollar value of those who volunteer and for organizations to quantify this effort

City seeks applicants for positions on Aviation Advisory Committee – The City of Vancouver is seeking applicants to fill two (2) vacancies on the Aviation Advisory Committee.


The Mommy Wars are about Daddies Too – The recent brouhaha set off by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen (who infamously noted that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life”) is telling on an infinite number of levels. All women on both sides of the so-called “Mommy Wars” (and those horribly caught in the middle of the conflict zone) feel a prickly defensiveness, regardless of where they sit on the spectrum.

The audacity of “hopefully” – The AP Stylebook makes a change — and breaks our hearts.

People Just Naturally Resist Change, Right? Not so fast. What many people fear about organizational change is loss.

Learning To Flex Your Leadership Muscles – You flex your management muscle all the time. You are constantly pushing your team and making sure that everyone is focused on the right priorities, that deadlines are hit, and that together your group is functioning.

How to Follow Up after a Poor Interview – There’s no guarantee that all interviews will go smoothly.

Women’s Growing Economic Clout Shifts Priorities – Young women have long been more educated than young men. A new survey out Thursday says they’re also more ambitious.


Bad Zoning Can Ruin Your Kid’s Life – A new report examines the link between standardized test scores and restrictive zoning regulations.

County can’t ban baristas in pasties, but can limit public exposure – Kitsap County planners are trying to strike a balance between addressing the concerns of people who want to see stricter regulations over coffee stands that market baristas in minimal clothing with what is legally enforceable.

Small Illinois town’s comptroller accused of stealing millions – The chief financial officer of Dixon, Ill., has been put on unpaid leave after she was arrested by FBI agents and charged with defrauding the city of $3.2 million and misappropriating another $30 million in city funds.

Morgan Smith steps in as the official interim city manager. With wide support, and considerable debate, an unexpected development stunned the council chambers Wednesday as Morgan Smith was suddenly voted in as the city’s interim city manager.

Proposed Budget Closes Corvallis Fire Station, Cuts Jobs – To offset a budget shortfall, the Corvallis city manager proposes cuts like eliminating 13 full-time positions and closing a fire station.

Wheeler gives green light to hire new city manager – Jeff Aparti, a former resident of the north Oregon coast, has been offered the position of city manager for the City of Wheeler. The announcement was made public following a unanimous vote in favor of hiring Aparti by the Wheeler City Council at its meeting held Tuesday evening, April 17.

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