Job Posting: Graduate Management Intern

Graduate Local Government Management Internship, Office of the City Manager

Bloomington, Illinois

The Graduate Local Government Intern will work under the direction of their assigned department supervisor as well as the City Manager and Assistant to the City Manager. The Intern will play a leading role in coordinating, facilitating, and managing city projects that require the involvement of multiple city departments. They will be given the opportunity to interact with department heads and attend high level meetings, exposing them to the responsibilities of each department and current local government issues. The intern will meet with the City Manager and Assistant to the City Manager on a monthly basis to review monthly progress and discuss potential new projects and will be given an opportunity to provide feedback on the value of the experience the intern is receiving. The intern will also perform tasks and daily activities in support of their assigned department and the Office of the City Manager. The intern’s interests and goals will be taken into account for special projects.