ELGL Call for Resumes – Next Steps

More than 50 local government professionals answered the ELGL Call for Resumes. It is now our turn to get your resume in front of the right people. Here’s how we are doing that.

  • Ron Holifield, CEO of Strategic Government Resources (SGR) has received and reviewed the resumes. SGR’s current clients include almost 200 organizations in 11 states, training over 1,000 employees per month. 

  • At the ELGL forum with SGR on Monday, Ron will lead on interactive discussion on resume and cover letter development using “best practices” examples from submissions to the Call for Resumes. This is a great opportunity to get valuable advice on marketing your skills from a recruiter who manages city manager and department head recruitments nationwide.

  • ELGL staff will compile the resumed and bullet points from each submissions. The submissions will be packaged into clear, concise document.


  • At the end of April, ELGL’s 1st annual “Call for Resumes” publication will be widely distributed to cities, counties, special districts, recruiting firms, state agencies, private sector firms working the public sector, and other organizations associated with ELGL.


  • ELGL will also communicate the publication with various media outlets and professional associations.