04.05.12 The Afternoon Delight


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Office Of Citizen Involvement – Multnomah County – You only have 25 days left to take 5-minute Multco budget survey!! It gives input to commissioners re: how to spend your tax dollars wisely as you prioritize which programs should be funded.

Friends of Political Science at Portland State University – Environment Oregon, a statewide citizen-based environmental advocacy organization, is looking for several bright, enthusiastic interns to do some serious political work with it this summer. This is a great way for students to become involved in local politics and make great connections in the Oregon environmental community. EO also sometimes hires especially talented interns as full-time staff after graduation. Contact me for more information: hprc@pdx.edu


Organized bravery – The purpose of the modern organization is to make it easy and natural and expected for people to take risks.

New Study: A Happy Workplace Really Is Crucial – We often hear that a happy workplace is a great place for productivity. But is that claim just happy talk? Don’t happy workers tend to become complacent and goof off?


Strategies for Curtailing Frivolous Lawsuits – Western City – April 2012 – Sacramento – Local governments can deal with frivolous lawsuits swiftly and efficiently by implementing some simple strategies.

Letter: Molalla’s budget problems didn’t happen in vacuum – Molalla’s longstanding financial abuses did not go unnoticed or unchallenged. Local citizens, including me, spent countless hours begging for public information and combing through city files.

Encouraging Biking, Walking in Large U.S. Metro Areas – When home, work, school and shopping are in closer proximity, travel is easier. What can cities do to help get people out of their cars and onto their feet?

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