04.04.12 The Morning Buzz

New NFL uniforms: Seattle Seahawks get neon makeover


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SOLV | Bringing Oregonians together to build a legacy of stewardship! – Volunteers opportunity! Shute Park Neighborhood Clean-Up, May 5, 2012.

Live chat with Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt set for Friday – Chat will be Leavitt’s second with Columbian.com users.


7 Tried-and-True Steps for Negotiating a Job Offer – Are you prepared to negotiate a job offer?

Good Managers Lead Through a Team – “Manage your team” might seem clear and straightforward. Yet when we talk about it, we often find it’s not an intuitive concept for many managers and for some it even cuts against the grain of what they think they should do as bosses.

Your Future Employer Is Watching You Online. You Should Be, Too – Welcome to the Permanent Job Search. From now on, all of us will be “looking” for a job even when we’re not actuallylooking for a job.

How to Get More Out of Conferences – I’m scared of conferences. Milling around the coffee table between sessions, a Wall Street Journal badge around my neck, I feel awkward trying to network, approach skittish sources or fend off publicity-hungry strivers.



Lake Oswego approves new park rules banning lake entry from city-owned property – The Lake Oswego City Council voted 5-0 amending city park regulations banning entry to Oswego Lake from lower Millennium Plaza Park, Sundeleaf Plaza or the Headlee Walkway.

City councilors are pushing for a reduced role of the mayor and a nearly 45 percent cut to his monthly salary, which currently tops the amount most of Wilsonville’s neighbors pay their mayors.

Detroit Struggles With a Rescue Plan –  Both time and cash are running out, yet plans for solving this city’s financial crisis seem to grow only more tangled by the day.

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