A Tool for Training Budget Committees

Courtesy of Jim Hough, Banks City Manager

Budget Committee Training Presentation FY 2012-13

Each year when the Budget Committee convenes for the first meeting, some of the “newbies” on the Committee are somewhat bewildered by the arcane budgeting process, and truth be told there are probably more senior Committee members who are reluctant to admit to the same situation.

This year I took the opportunity to use the services of a PSU graduate student (soon to be awarded his MPA in Local Government) to develop a quick budget training presentation for the Committee.  The presentation took about 15 minutes and was on our Budget Committee meeting agenda (yes, Banks does convene the Budget Committee earlier than most other cities.)

It was quite well received and everyone greatly appreciated the quality of the training.

I thought that I’d send this along to anyone who might want to adapt it to your own circumstances.  Jeff Aprati  is the author.  He really did a superb job and would, I am sure, be happy to advise on any aspect of the presentation.