03.30.12 Knope of the Week

The votes are in and the results have been tabulated: after a week of nominations and voting by our community, ELGL is thrilled to announce the winner of the Knope of the Week! As a reminder, The Knope of the Week honors individuals or groups who have done the most in the past week to advance the mission of ELGL.

Without further ado, the winner of the 17th Knope of the Week goes to the . . . . 

Claire Oliver, West Linn Tidings Reporter

ELGL has reached a new and broader audience due to Claire’s article “Plugging the Public Sector” which appeared in the West Linn Tidings. The article, which included a glamour shot of Kirsten Wyatt, contained quotes from ELGL members Cate Schneider, Kent Wyatt, Kirsten Wyatt, and Randy Ealy. Readers were treated with the background on ELGL and learned more about ELGL members’ passion for improving the climate of the public sector. The article also provided readers insight into how social media has allowed ELGL to expand its borders to include other areas of the state and other states.

Finally any reporter mentioning “Pinterest”, “Knope of the Week”, and “silos” in the same article is a winner in our eyes. Thank you Claire.

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