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Community Organizing | Oregon Food Bank – Since 2008, Oregon Food Bank has partnered with the RARE Program. Oregon Food Bank’s work with the RARE Program has helped strengthen emergency food services and identify means to eliminate root causes of hunger in Oregon’s rural communities. Check out Oregon Food Bank’s website for more information about this wonderful partnership! 

TriMet Holds Public Meeting Monday On Proposed Cuts – TriMet’s first public meeting after announcing revisions to some of its proposed cuts, will be held at Clackamas Town Center Monday.


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How Is The Health Of Oregon’s GOP? On Wednesday we checked in on the state of Oregon’s Democratic party. Today, we take a look at the GOP. Oregon hasn’t had a Republican in statewide office since Gordon Smith lost his hold on a US Senate seat, almost four years.

3 Words That Guarantee Failure – People who fail to achieve goals signal their intent to fail by using this common phrase. Make sure you aren’t falling into the same trap.

The Power of Groupthink: The New Denial – Western City – March 2012 – Sacramento Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon in which the group members form individual opinions that match the group consensus rather than critically evaluating information. 

How to Write a Great Cover Letter – Skip the “Dear Sir or Madam” and zero in on exactly how you’re going to solve whatever problems the hiring company has.

At Tall Club, Members’ Careers Get an Extra Lift – Economists are convinced that height confers a natural advantage in the workplace, but some of the tallest New Yorkers still turn to each other to get a leg up in their careers.

Coffee Is an Essential Benefit Too – Here are some other health-care mandates that government should impose on employers.

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