03.09.12 Knope of the Week

The votes are in and the results have been tabulated: after a week of nominations and voting by our community, ELGL is thrilled to announce the winners of the Knope of the Week! As a reminder, The Knope of the Week honors individuals or groups who have done the most in the past week to advance the mission of ELGL.

Without further ado, the winner of the 14th Knope of the Week goes to the . . . . 

Ken Ray, Metro Senior Public Affairs Coordinator

Ken was instrumental in organizing this week’s lunch with Jim Middaugh. He went above and beyond in arranging for Metro’s new chief executive officer Martha Bennett to provide opening remarks. Further, Ken has lined up former Governor Barbara Roberts to speak at an ELGL forum on July 12. Many thanks to Ken for his increasing contributions to ELGL!

Previous Knope of the Week Recipients