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For my Funsucker LOLOL

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OK Dad, put Tiddles down and look ANGRY!

What does digital inclusion look like? | icma.org – Take the survey.

Attend a City Budget Forum – Join Mayor Adams, City Commissioners and bureau staff at a City of Portland Community Budget Forum on March 5 or March 21. Share what is most important to you and your community and help determine Portland’s budget priorities.

Take the Tualatin River Water Trail Survey – Show your support of public access to the Tualatin River and help design the next public access facility on the river by attending taking Metro’s Online Water Trail Survey.

Friends of Political Science at Portland State University – The Mary Nolan campaign for city council is looking for interns. There are a number of different positions available. Send me your email and I will forward the information to you. hprc@pdx.edu


LOL! Doesn't anyone proofread anymore?? hahaha

Can Soccer Save Tucson? For the next two weeks, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, and other MLS stars will play in the city as part of the Diamond Desert Cup.

The Number One Mistake People I Interview Are Making These Days – Lately, the majority of people I interview have one thing in common.

Study Shows Women Are Smarter Than Men – When it comes to managing their social media profiles, women, on average, behave more like mature, responsible adults while men act like impulsive adolescents.

Inside the UGB

I thought it would never end

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