Oregon Legislative Alert: House Bill 4090

From the League of Oregon Cities: 

HB 4090 passed the House floor today with a 31/29 vote.  Attached is a letter that several mayors signed that was sent to all 90 members of the legislature and the Governor’s office last week. Opposition to HB 4090

The bill passed mostly along party lines with 6 Democrats voting in favor of the bill (Boone, Clem, Greenlick, Harker, Hunt, Witt) and 5 Republicans voting against the bill (Berger, Freeman, Huffman, Parrish, Thatcher).

The bill moves to the Senate and we are waiting to see which committee gets this bill. Linda Ludwig and I have met with Senate President  Courtney’s office on several occasions to keep them up to date on the bill’s movements in the House. Courtney’s office will decide on where to send this bill or they could keep this on the President’s desk. The City of Salem has met with President Courtney and Senator Winters and both have voiced concern over the bill. However, this is the most contentious bill in the building and it continues to move. Many votes have been traded to keep this alive.  All of the lobbyists representing cities and counties impacted by this bill have made this their number one priority and will continue to work this as it moves to the Senate.

What is HB 4090?