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North Puget Sound Startups  – Come meet Maisie Wang of Pop Sprout as she walks you through what she did and learned as she launched her first App Store app, Pixelet (www.pixelet.com) If you are interested in writing an app and get

ESOPI-21: Educating Stewards of Public Information in the 21st Century – Join us on March 16 for “Government Bits: Stewardship of Public Information in a Changing Digital Landscape.”

Tigard library survey asks about e-books – The Tigard Public Library’s annual survey is out, asking about customer service, online resources, and for the first time, e-books.


SpotlightOh, how this cracks me up.

Portland State Inside PSU | Powering Intel – Intel, the global manufacturer of semiconductors and computing solutions, employs over 15,000 employees here in Oregon, making it the state’s largest private employer. And more than 1,000 of those employees earned their degree at Portland State University.

February 6 E-Blast – This e-blast contains information on Salem’s High Water Watch website, the Mayor’s State of the City address, the Human Rights In-Service on Hate Crime, Budget Forums, the Salem Airport Master Plan, and much more.

City of Sandy, Oregon – The 2012 City of Sandy Downtown Parking Management Study is completed and available for your reading pleasure. This study was prepared by Kelly O’Neill, Sandy’s associate planner, and was undertaken in response to citizen concern about the state of parking in Sandy’s downtown business district.

For R.E.M. Fans, Tunes May Linger But Trestle Faces Day of Reckoning – Rotting Railway, From Iconic Back Cover, Divides Music Purists and a Town

Young CEOs: Are They Up to the Job? – It’s creativity vs. experience as a new flock of leaders take their companies to public markets.

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