02.05.12 The Sunday Sermon

Olympia students say viral video isn’t what Huffington Post thinks


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Clackamas County Transportation System Plan – The Public Advisory Committee for the Clackamas County Transportation System Plan update is meeting Tues., Feb. 7, 6-9pm, in the Development Services Bldg., 150 Beavercreek, Oregon City. The public is welcome to attend and comment during public input times.


Portland State Inside PSU | Driving the Clean Economy – One obstacle on the road to mass adoption of plug-in vehicles: Where do you fuel up cars that don’t use gas?

Reassessing Property Taxes – With home values falling, many owners are counting on a tax break. So why are county assessors making it harder than ever to get one?

Before Ice Cream Shop Can Open, City’s Slow Churn – San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee’s office announced last week a $1.5 million fund to help small businesses, calling the sector the “Backbone of SF Economy.”

Inside the UGBHAHAHA

Ermatinger House rehab project gets started, architect hired for Oregon City project

Arlington Mart owners intend to file lawsuits against Gladstone, Clackamas County over racial discrimination claims


AwesomeOutside the UGB

Oregon’s 2012 Legislature considering more than a dozen jobs bills, but don’t expect miracles

Oregon’s environment: It’s time to reinvest in our natural resource agencies

City aims to spread innovation districtwide

Olympia council ideas: Task force, working with business owners

Debate grows over big-box retailers: Tacoma – Tacoma City Council

What’s ahead for OR counties dependent on federal forest payments; 2012 agendas for key interest groups

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