02.03.12 Knope of the Week

This week’s winner is the newly formed ELGL Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is composed of those who indicated in the member survey that they would be interested in becoming more involved in ELGL. The board will serve as a sounding board for meeting ideas, communications strategy, and key decisions involving the future of ELGL.

ELGL Advisory Board

  • Norma Alley, Newberg city recorder
  • Ben Bryant, Tualatin management analyst
  • Rhyan Van Horn, TriMet senior accountant
  • Cooper Whitman, The Dalles administrative fellow
  • Jessica Struyk, City of Gresham and PSU MPA
  • Mitchell Elovitz, Clackamas County
  • Pat Mobley, PSU faculty
  • Rosalynn Greene, Clackamas County sustainability analyst
  • Will Norris, Willamette Atkinson Graduate School of Management
  • Dave Waffle, Beaverton assistant finance director

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