ICMA Career Compass No. 23:

Building Your Personal Brand

If you are successful in developing a distinctive personal brand, it will come to everyone’s mind when they think of you. A brand can:

  • Protect you when top management needs to eliminate positions and lower headcount.
  • Lead to attractive assignments and projects.
  • Shape the perceptions of others so they see you in terms of your strengths and assets as opposed to your weaknesses or deficiencies.
  • Enhance your “promotability” inside the organization or lead to new opportunities in another organization.

Since a brand is often related to a passion or something unique that you offer, further developing or enhancing your brand is not a burden. It is often fun.

We operate in a “project world”—most important work is done in teams that cut across division or department boundaries. In fact, a career is increasingly a portfolio of important projects. Therefore, a powerful brand will help you secure the best project work. Consider these typical conversations and assignment decisions:

  • “Mary is smart and an agile learner. She will solve this perplexing problem. Let’s assign her the challenge.”
  • “Jose is a doer and gets things done. I want him on my team.”
  • “Joanne knows how to engage neighborhood and community groups. Let’s appoint here to lead the project.”

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