February Charity of Choice: Ride Connection

In recognition of our speakers, ELGL will make a donation to a charity of their choice. You can donate by including a couple of extra dollars in your PayPal payment or write a check directly to the charity. This is optional.

Our February speaker, TriMet Executive Director Neil McFarlane has chosen “Ride Connection” as his charity of choice.

Ride Connection

Ride Connection, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing responsive, accessible transportation options for those in need. While many of our customers are older adults and people with disabilities, we strive to provide transportation solutions for the community at large.

Transportation is a basic human need.  People need to get to work, grocery shop, visit family and friends, see the doctor, and connect with other people. We coordinate and provide transportation services for those in need.

Our passion is enabling customers to enjoy a higher quality of life through mobility and we are committed to providing them with transportation options that fit their individual needs.

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