ELGL Survey Data

Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders Release Survey Data
Data Will Inform ELGL Decision Making in 2012

OREGON – In December 2011 and January 2012, the Oregon Emerging Local Government Leaders Network (ELGL) conducted a survey of its membership to learn more about events, communications, logistics, and demographics.

With approximately 50 percent of the membership responding on the survey, the below summary findings are reported back to the ELGL membership. ELGL leadership anticipates using this survey information to inform decision-making in 2012.


  • A majority of ELGL members cite interesting topics (63 percent) and speakers (61 percent) as the main reason for attending events.
  • It is important for ELGL leadership to ensure that organized events are timely, convenient, and relevant (60 percent).
  • A plurality of ELGL members prefer social lunches (56 percent) or happy hours (54 percent) for special events.
  • The most popular future topics of interest to the ELGL member are management & leadership (63 percent); city management (61 percent); trending current events (57 percent); and financial management (55 percent).


  • There are benefits to ELGL membership – the vast majority (95 percent) of members cited the members-only email listserv as the best communications tool on ELGL topics.
  • The ELGL website has a 71 percent readership rate.
  • Approximately 40 percent of members use the ELGL Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


  • Members cite a strong interest in networking (81 percent) as a reason for ELGL membership.
  • There is also a strong interest in the organization’s speaker and events series (71 percent).
  • Currently, two ELGL members pay all administrative expenses and assume liability for the organization. With this in mind, survey respondents support a $5 membership charge (88 percent) or a $10 membership charge (83 percent).


  • A plurality of ELGL members work in administration (45.8 percent) while the remaining members mostly work in either planning (18.0 percent) or finance (15.2 percent).
  • 93.8 percent of ELGL members fall between the ages of 21 and 49.
  • A strong majority of members have obtained a graduate degree (67.4 percent), and 97.5 percent of members have at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Many ELGL members are not currently affiliated with another professional group (38 percent), but some members are affiliated with the local administration (25 percent), planning (17 percent) or finance (17 percent) professional organizations.

Please click here to download complete survey results. Please contact Kirsten Wyatt at kowyatt@gmail.com with any specific questions about survey findings.