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MLK Jr. Message from Sarah Mensah, Blazers COO

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Critics say state-wide organization neglects needs of mid-size cities

Questions about Oklahoma Municipal League membership surfaced this past year because of costs and the organization’s apparent neglect of mid-size cities.

The Best and Worst Run Cities in America

Many qualities separate the best-run and worst-run cities. But perhaps the most important is access to jobs. The economies of the best-run cities fall into two categories. They either have a booming industry or are near other major urban areas that create employment opportunities. The worst-run cities simply do not have the same access to jobs. 24/7 Wall St.’s analysis of the best-run and worst-run cities demonstrates that encouraging businesses to prosper and create jobs is the most important function of local government.

How Stimulus Spending Ruined Buffalo

Why do cities like Buffalo decline, and what role should government play in promoting recovery? In his State of the State Address this month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced $1 billion in incentives to attract new investment to the beleaguered city by Lake Erie. “We believe in Buffalo,” he said, “and we’ll put our money where our mouth is.” Too bad Mr. Cuomo ignores the factors that help keep areas like Buffalo inhospitable to new investment—namely steep tax rates and the high cost of government.

How to Lower Your Workplace Stress

Rather than burdening a team with distracting self-doubt and pity, try to help others, he advises. “In order to remain self-motivated, research has found that the innate psychological need for competence must be satisfied,” Mr. Baard says. “This drive pertains not only to the ability to do a job but to achieve something through it—to have impact, to contribute. A way an employee can expand opportunities to satisfy this need is to help her team succeed by encouraging others, even if her direct contributions are limited.”

Inside the UGB

Strip club patrons win right to park at new Trailhead Park at head of Springwater Corridor

Cornilles campaign says its poll shows Oregon congressional race is tightening

Oregon House, Senate get low grades in report on racial equity bills

Council could make police work for ‘fitness’ pay

Portland Police Begins New ‘Use Of Force’ Policy


Outside the UGB

Obama to Merge 6 Government Agencies, Cut 2,000 Employees

Council to consider setting up reward for Grubbs

Below average snowfall a boon to city budgets, struggle for ski resorts

Department of Revenue system overhaul: It doesn’t compute

Port Angeles spends $1.4 million on cash-outs

Embarrassed Oregon Town Poised to Cancel Project to Build Bus Shelters for …


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