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August Luncheon: Sean Robbins – CEO, Greater Portland Inc.

Job Posting: Forest Grove Sustainability Award Program Assistant

Let’s Talk About Summer

Job Posting: City Manager, Sherwood

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Take Our Survey: What Code Violations Most Concern You?

Take our code violation survey. What bothers you the most? Is it graffiti, overgrown vegetation or parking issues? Plus we’d like to know what code services are important to you? You can take the survey through the end of the month.

 Cherriots Strategic Planning – FY12/13 Survey

The Salem-Keizer Transit Strategic Plan outlines our goals and objectives for the coming years. These goals and objectives help us realize our mission of “Connecting people with places through safe, friendly, and reliable public transportation services.”

 City seeks applicants for Building-Fire Codes Commission

The City of Vancouver is seeking individuals to fill 2 positions on the Building-Fire Code Commission.  Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, February 10, 2012.


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Booze Wars

In November, Washington state residents voted to take liquor control out of the state’s hands. For years, Costco had been trying to get the state Legislature to do just that. When legislative efforts failed, the Issaquah, Wash.-based retailer poured more than $22 million into an initiative campaign. Costco, already the nation’s largest wine seller, also wanted to sell distilled spirits. In Washington, as in Oregon, the state is the exclusive wholesale provider of distilled spirits, which it sells through state liquor stores to bars, restaurants and individuals.

 Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

How many ping-pong balls would fit in the Mediterrean Sea? Can you swim faster in water or syrup? When there’s a wind blowing, does a round-trip by plane take more time, less time, or the same time? Today, a number of companies have taken a page out of the Google playbook and have begun asking interviewees brainteasers, logic puzzles and mind-bending riddles. The question you probably have right now is, Why?

Communities take aim at condemned properties – The Boston Globe

On a recent afternoon at Town Hall, health agent Robert M. Ethier stood before the bulletin board outside his office with a photo in one hand and a stapler in the other. He glanced at the photo: a dilapidated cottage engulfed by shrubs and trees. Windows were cracked. Weeds poked through the overgrown lawn. Paint was peeling from rotting shingles. He shook his head glumly, placed the picture on the board, and with a few staples – ker-chunk, kerchunk! – the run-down little cottage became the latest addition to his “Wall of Shame.’’

 Transit Stations May Actually Cut Down on Crime

Last month the small city of Troy, Michigan, earned some national attention when its local leaders terminated plans for a transit center several years in the making. Troy Mayor Janice Daniels – who somehow kept her job despite posting a strong anti-gay slur on Facebook, and who’s back in the news for another intolerant remark – objected to the transit center on the grounds that she didn’t want to accept $8.5 million in federal funding that would go toward its construction.


Inside the UGB

Washington County officials urge Beaverton planners to include public comments in Peterkort development process

Portland Seed Fund could hit $3 million mark with Portland Development Commission vote

Surprise shift on Lake Oswego council halts Portland streetcar project

Oregon politics roundup: Special 1st Congressional District edition

With streetcar support lost in Lake Oswego, Portland Mayor Sam Adams says project is ‘suspended’

 Two anti-library measures sent to May ballot

Clackamas County commissioners set lobbying agenda for the year

Former U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton announces run for Oregon attorney general

 Outside the UGB

America’s Coolest Small Towns 2012

Lane leader touts innovation

EDITORIAL: Board can set example

Tacoma’s finances are even worse than it had predicted, review finds

Budget cuts threaten West Salem firehouse

Bellevue Officials Take Stance Against Gregoire B&O Proposal

Clatsop County manager Duane Cole to retire

The Latest in Economic Development – 1.11.12

Of pot and porn

Legislature has a busy session in February

Quit: Do It Now

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