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April Luncheon Update – Mike Golub, Portland Timbers COO

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LOC and OCCMA Asks For Your Input

As we begin the new year, a number of ELGL members begin or continue terms on the boards of these two statewide organizations. If you think LOC and/or OCCMA can improve our relationship and services with the next generation of leaders, please contact any of us so we can take that perspective back to the respective boards.

    • League of Oregon Cities Board – David Clyne, City Manager from Independence and Joe Gall, City Administrator from Fairview begin board terms
    • OCCMA Board – Alice Rouyer from Tualatin continues her board membership and newcomers Alex McIntrye from Lake Oswego and Joe Gall from Fairview begin their terms

We want your input and perspective!

Mark O. Hatfield Distinguished Historians Forum

Since 1998, the Mark O. Hatfield Distinguished Historians Forum has provided broad insights and perspectives on United States history. Each series brings together the nation’s top scholars and writers for thought-provoking evenings of history. Most featured lecturers have won a Pulitzer Prize or National Book Award for their writing, and many are among the most revered academicians in the nation.

In the Spotlight

Retire Here, Not There: Oregon

Oh poor Oregon. Lately its biggest claim to fame is the hipster-mocking IFC show “Portlandia.” But the state has a much different — and well deserved — reputation among the 50-plus crowd. The emerging wine region, beautiful woodlands and lack of sales tax make Oregon a compelling place to retire. “One of the biggest draws here is the lifestyle,” says Pasha Horiuchi, a financial adviser with Ameriprise Financial in Portland, Ore. Beaches, mountains and rivers are all within a few hours of each other, he says, making it ideal for an active retiree.

 Nations Cities Weekly – January 9, 2012

Nations Cities Weekly is the official publication of the National League of Cities. The newspaper reaches more than 30,000 city officials and employees each week with the latest news on federal policy, trends and research impacting cities.

 The Best and Worst Run Cities in America

Many qualities separate the best-run and worst-run cities. But perhaps the most important is access to jobs. The economies of the best-run cities fall into two categories. They either have a booming industry or are near other major urban areas that create employment opportunities. The worst-run cities simply do not have the same access to jobs. 24/7 Wall St.’s analysis of the best-run and worst-run cities demonstrates that encouraging businesses to prosper and create jobs is the most important function of local government.

Online Public Comment Forums: Why Public Hearings Need to be Augmented via the Internet

This blog post details a series of problems with public hearings, and then culminates with an explanation of how online public comment forums complement public hearings in ways that (1) address their deficiencies, (2) enhance the insights and deliberations of government decision makers – and ultimately, (3) increase public trust in government.

 New City Slogans of 2012

 It might be hard to quantify the value of an official city slogan. But every year, cities and towns decide to update theirs in an effort to improve business and tourism. Some cities have generic ones (San Diego: “America’s Finest City”), some get specific (Blakely, Georgia: “Peanut Capital of the World”) and some get quirky (Yuma: “Experience Our Sense of Yuma.” No longer official, sadly).

Around the Northwest

Hermiston City Manager Brookshier Finalist For Cornelius Job

Budget tweaks expected in session

Yakima fires longtime finance director

City manager Hitt to go just one more year

14 Tacoma employees laid off, far fewer than 67 first targeted

Park bridge highlights big issues for Salem City Council

Royce was right

Bend Considers Making Office Of Mayor Elected Post

UPDATED: Local Citizens Propose Soda Tax To Appear on November Ballot for County Voters

Survey: One-Third of Oregon Firms Hiring Soon

City may use Pepsi cash for budget gap