01.08.12 The Sunday Sermon

An example of “incorrect group think.” Presidential candidates say what they would be doing if not for N.H. debate.

If Not at GOP Debate, Saturday Night Plans?

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Get Off the Couch. . . . Now

Activities abound for MLK Day of Service

The city of Vancouver is still looking for volunteers for several outdoors projects for the Jan. 16 day of service, including picking up litter from shorelines, pulling invasive weeds and planting thousands of trees in Vancouver and Clark County.

Debate for 1st Congressional District

Rob Cornilles and Suzanne Bonamici, Candidates for the 1st Congressional District, have been invited to speak at a Candidates Forum hosted by Washington County Citizen’s Participation Organizations CPO4B & CPO4K. The City of Tigard’s new city manager, Marty Wine, will be introduced and speak briefly about her new position with the city. The meeting is Thursday, January 12, 2012, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m at the Hudson Plaza Building on 99W, near downtown Tigard, at 12950 SW Pacific Hwy., Suite 125. Refreshments will be served.

In the Spotlight

Cities keep squandering money on hotels and meeting facilities

For two decades, American cities have used public dollars to build convention center space—far more than demand warranted. The result has been a gigantic nationwide surplus of empty meeting facilities, struggling convention centers, and vacant hotel rooms (see “The Convention Center Shell Game,” Spring 2004). Given the glut, you’d think that cities would stop. Instead, many are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to expand convention centers and open yet more dazzling hotels, arguing that whatever convention business remains will flow to the places with the fanciest amenities. If this dubious rationale proves wrong and the facilities fail—it’s telling that the private sector won’t build them on its own—taxpayers will wind up on the hook, as usual.

As Playoff Party Starts, a City Feels Left Behind

So for several years the city tried to sell the Silverdome. In 2008, it rejected as inadequate an $18 million offer from United Assurance Co. to redevelop the site as an entertainment complex. The city decided to auction off the stadium in October 2009, amid a slumping real-estate market.

Private Sector Gets Job Skills; Public Gets Bill

Caterpillar is one of dozens of companies, many with growing profits and large cash reserves, that have come to expect such largess from states in return for creating jobs. The labor market is finally starting to show some signs of improvement, with the government reporting on Friday that employers created 200,000 jobs in December.

Long Beach joins the national ‘parklets’ trend

There is no doubt parklets have proved to be popular, whether for public or private use, including San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks program. In 2005, a San Francisco art and design studio called Rebar picked a single metered parking space, rolled out sod, plopped down a potted tree and a bench and fed the meter, all in an effort to raise awareness for more urban open space.

Avoiding Innovation’s Terrible Toll

So in 2000, Mr. Gerstner launched a program called the emerging business organization to find and nurture growth opportunities under the direction of top executives. Over the next five years, EBO businesses such as life sciences, Linux software and pervasive computing added more than $15 billion to IBM’s revenue, according to a 2010 study published in the Harvard Business Review.

How To Be More Interesting

Explore ideas, places, and opinions. The inside of the echo chamber is where are all the boring people hang out.

Around the Northwest

City of Salem staff recommend better pedestrian access, addition of bicycle parking

Kitzhaber 3.0: One year into third term, Oregon’s governor says he has ‘better grasp’ of the job

Former Medford Mayor Jerry Lausmann passes

Review of Tacoma finances finds surpluses could prevent job cuts

Ballots Coming Friday For Congressional Race To Replace Wu

Coastal Community Upset Over Tillamook Cuts

Financial struggles have been par for the course at city-owned Sumner Meadows Golf Links in recent years

New Olympia councilor Hankins is a seasoned volunteer, leader

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