01.07.12 The Afternoon Delight

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The Saturday Spotlight

A Dimly Flickering Light in a Darkened Downtown

The dark, empty storefronts that clog the heart of this aging industrial city stare blankly at the street, their fading signs mute reminders of better and busier times.

Management Development: 3 Simple Strategies

In today’s networked economy, having a brilliant, visionary leader alone isn’t enough to keep a company growing. You’ve got to have a well-trained executive and frontline management team to execute the vision—one that can out think the leadership team at rival companies.

Around the Northwest

A year in, we look at two of Kitzhaber’s most ambitious promises: PolitiFact Oregon

Troutdale City Hall repairs proposed

Do you think that the City of Lake Oswego should provide access for paddlers, swimmers, boaters and fishers to Oswego Lake?

Budget cuts could rile up park fans

New Selah Mayor John Gawlik fires longtime City Supervisor Frank Sweet

Yakima’s new airline has gained reputation of leaving cities quickly if business doesn’t take off

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