Job Posting: City Manager


ELGL speaker Heather Gantz from Waldron is conducting this executive search.

City Manager

City of Medford, Oregon

The City Manager serves as the City of Medford’s chief executive with responsibility for the administration of  the various functions of the City government as described in the City Charter and in accordance with legislative policy established by the City Council. The City Manager leads an organization aligned in budget and operation with the vision and goals of the policy-making body and continuously seeks to provide resource efficient processes and customer effective results. In addition, the Manager also serves as the Executive Director of the  Urban Renewal Agency.

The City Manager identifies opportunities for productivity increases through process implementation, reorganization and assignment, utilization of technology, cost reduction and avoidance and revenue enhancement. The Manager analyzes the efficiency of staff efforts and measures the effectiveness of outputs through training, resources, leadership and support as well as customer satisfaction. The City Manager communicates to the staff, elected officials and community regarding objectives and results. Additionally, the Manager assists elected officials in identifying, analyzing and communicating issues of policy significant to the community and the provision of public services. The Manager implements processes and projects to fulfill the vision, mission and goal statements of the elected officials as adopted from time to time and leads and motivates the work force in fulfilling their intent.