12.26.11 The Morning Buzz

Loretta Lynn – Portland, Oregon (featuring Jack White)


ELGL Member Survey

What began as a small networking luncheon group has grown to a 210-member organization.  The brief online survey inquires about your preferences for the group, and aims to learn more about how ELGL can continue to be a professional resource to you.  Your feedback on this survey will directly impact the future of this growing and evolving organization.


Recent special election results could foreshadow a win for the GOP in ex-Rep. Wu’s Oregon district.

Oregon’s upcoming special election is the GOP’s best chance in decades of picking up Oregon’s 1st House district. But the party’s nominee must win Washington County, a crucial battleground that’s favored Democrats.


Time Magazine: Can the iPad replace a PC?

It’s easy to forget now, but when the first iPad was announced in early 2010, there was much uncertaintly surrounding Apple’s new product. One of the big questions was whether it served as a laptop replacement.


New York Times: Publishers vs. Libraries: An E-Book Tug of War

LAST year, Christmas was the biggest single day for e-book sales by HarperCollins. And indications are that this year’s Christmas Day total will be even higher, given the extremely strong sales of e-readers like the Kindle and the Nook. Amazon announced on Dec. 15 that it had sold one million of its Kindles in each of the three previous weeks.

In the Headlines

The Oregonian: Portland Plan: City must prepare for potential economic shocks

The Register Guard: Democrats buy insurance in special election

Statesman Journal: Oregon communities angle to land Tillamook Air Museum

The Oregonian: Washington governor seeks a sales tax increase to limit education cuts