12.22.11 The Afternoon Delight


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What Makes a Good Urban Park

City parks have been endangered by suburban flight, privatization and design overkill. Here’s a short list of basics for planning true public spaces.


Boost Your Career with Social Media: Tips for the Uninitiated

You’ve heard the horror stories: a job applicant gets turned down because his potential employer discovered his objectionable tweets, or saw pictures of his keg party on Facebook. There is a lot of advice out there about keeping your online activity from hurting your career. But there’s a flip side. When handled correctly, social media can help you professionally. You can use it to enhance your personal brand, establish yourself as an expert in a field, or demonstrate fluency with all things digital. The key is to be proactive about managing your activity and image.


In the Headlines

West Linn aquatic center on November ballot? Hope is to work with a financial or operational partner for pool, rec. center


State’s hiring freeze to have exceptions; panel will hear agencies’ appeals


Lane County officials’ friction costing county: The administrator’s claim of retaliation has resulted in bills for $24,000 for outside help


Lakewood city manager ‘Fully engaged, content’ after losing Tacoma bid


Benton County agrees on contract for new official