Job Posting: Community Broadband Policy Fellowship

The Young Elected Officials Network is looking for an outstanding candidate for a yearlong Community Broadband Public Policy Fellowship starting early January 2012. A program of People For the American Way Foundation, the Young Elected Officials (YEO) Network is an organization that works to unite and support progressive elected leaders between the ages of 18 and 35 who share a passion for building communities that reflect the values of freedom, fairness, and opportunity. Located in Tallahassee, FL and Washington D.C., the YEO Network supports and equips members as they define issues, develop solutions, and respond to the needs of their communities. Through policy and research assistance, skills and issue training, personal and professional development, and meaningful networking opportunities, the YEO Network is working to transform the political vision of our elected leaders into progressive action.

The YEO Network Community Broadband Policy Fellow will work in our Washington D.C. office, for 1 year, and will work to expand community broadband initiatives through strategic outreach and support of our YEOs around the country. Serving as our resident expert on broadband access and digital equality issues, this Fellow will also provide support in the research, development, exchange, and dissemination of other policy resources from diverse issue areas. The YEO Network Community Broadband Policy Fellow position is expected to work no less than 25 hours a week and comes with a paid hourly wage.

Duties of the YEO Network Community Broadband Fellow will include:

  • Building relationships with elected officials from a variety of offices in communities, states, and regions across the country.
  • Researching and identifying initiatives and policy ideas that promote access to broadband for underserved communities.
  • Generating interest and providing individual support to YEOs who seek to implement broadband-access policies or initiatives.
  • Assisting with the tracking and promotion of all YEOs who receive news and media attention for their work with broadband access issues.
  • Performing general legislative and policy research of cutting edge progressive ideas from think tanks, partner organizations and YEOs.
  • Assisting in organizing skills, policy, and issue education opportunities for elected officials in the form of teleconferences, publications and conference sessions.
  • Helping to maintain the daily operations of the Young Elected Officials Network.
  • Other duties as assigned.

To apply, send resume and statement of interest by January 4th 2012 to:

Dustin R. Daniels, Policy and Research Coordinator
Young Elected Officials Network
Email to
850.402.1999 fax