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Will Ferrell’s Afternoon Delight 

To do list

  •  Complete ELGL member survey

  • Submit questions for Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown
  • Consider donating to Community Action Head Start Winter Jacket Donation Drive
    • Eight classrooms are still without donors.


In the Headlines

The Cities We Want – The Slate

Do we want urban spaces that are big or small? Spread out or compact? New or old?

One-Third of Nonmetro Counties Had Losses – Despite Trends, Oregon is Still a Rural State

Over our country’s history, long-term trends have driven the bulk of the population into metro areas. Two centuries ago, 93 percent of Americans lived in rural parts of America. By 2000, that number had dropped to 21 percent. Oregon has not been an exception to this long-standing trend as the latest 2010 Census data show. This article looks at decennial population growth between Oregon counties within metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and counties outside MSAs.

Why the rush to hire a city manager for Tacoma? The News Tribune

Slow down, council members. Slow down.

The Tacoma City Council appears poised to hire a city manager Tuesday night – a long-term decision made in a few short weeks. The four finalists might be credible candidates for this immensely challenging job; the council’s apparent hurry to close the deal is not so credible.

This is as important a vote as most members of this council are ever likely to make. The city manager is the CEO of an immense organization with multibillion-dollar budgets. He – all the finalists are men – could make the difference between a city on the move and a city just hanging on.

Postal Service plant closures will be ‘a mess’ – The Wall Street Journal

The U.S. Postal Service’s plan to close 252 mail processing facilities and cut 28,000 jobs by the end of next year may help the agency curb its mounting financial problems, but it faces big practical obstacles.

Career Compass #22– “Overcoming Your Blind Spots”

Career Compass 22

Thanks to Jeanna Troha, Wilsonville assistant city manager, for passing along the new compass article.

Board and Committee Openings

Forest Grove School District – Budget Committee

Forest Grove School District is seeking applicants for four vacancies on the district Budget Committee as well as an alternate position.

Volunteers sought to serve on the Clackamas County Traffic Safety Commission

Clackamas County Commissioners are recruiting applicants to serve for four-year terms on the Traffic Safety Commission.  Representation is needed from the Canby area or west of the Willamette River; however, anyone interested is encouraged to apply.

Clackamas County Health Council looking for volunteers to serve

Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking five volunteers to serve on the County’s Community Health Council.  Membership requirements are guided by Council bylaws and federal regulations.