ELGL Update

On the heels of a successful ELGL Picnic, we have an exciting announcement for you and your email inbox. An ELGL list serve has been born from the generous efforts of the League of Oregon Cities (LOC), the Oregon City County Managers Association (OCCMA), and the hard work of ELGL Project Coordinator Megan Messmer. That’s right, no more scrolling through 130 email addresses for an ELGL-related message.

As our group has increased from the 16 members who met in September 2010 to the current 130 members, ELGL has evolved into a new unique mix of local government professionals, retired city managers, graduate students, Portland State University faculty and staff, and private sector firms who operate in the government arena. In order to ensure future success, we will continue to emphasis strengthening partnerships ( LOC, OCCMA, OMFOA, OAMR, PSU Center for Public Service and the PSU MPA program) and developing sponsorships capable of aiding in our mission. Two examples of this approach are the ELGL picnic sponsored by Jordan Ramis and the new list serve sponsored by the LOC and OCCMA.

As an individual member, there are a myriad of ways you can continue the momentum of ELGL including:

  • volunteering to host or sponsor an ELGL meeting;
  • responding to information requests from other members;
  • suggesting speakers or meeting topics;
  • participating in our social media communications;
  • recommending a friend or colleague who is interested in joining the group;
  • communicating ELGL activities with your professional associations; and
  • organizing an ELGL social event.

Lastly, I appreciate everyone who has taken time in the last few months to offer feedback on the strengthens of ELGL and areas where we can become even stronger. It is apparent that, while there is room for improvement, ELGL has made your job a little easier, helped your organization in hiring decisions, raised your awareness of local government issues in Oregon, and simply provided a network of peers who are willing to listen and more importantly understand the challenges we face in the public sector. It is cultivating these experiences that have truly become and will remain the mission of ELGL.


For more information on ELGL, visit http://elgl.org, ELGL Facebook, Twitter (@OregonELGL), or ELGL LinkedIn.