What is ELGL?

ELGL is a big tent local government organization with the mission of connecting, communicating, and educating about local government topics.

So – how do you do this?

We believe telling stories about people, ideas, trends and approaches in local government is the best way to make a positive difference. We believe that working creatively, harder and smarter makes our professional association unique, relevant and timely. We believe that building a network of support will attract and retain the best and brightest to the local government profession. We believe that anyone with a passion for public service can become a member, and understand that there is no longer one path to leadership.

Why should I join?

ELGL welcomes everyone working in public service to join. This means that ELGL’s membership is very diverse and unlike any other professional organization around.  Regional chapters organize in-person events, and free online training opportunities and conversations are available weekly. Interesting and unique content is updated daily on ELGL.org. Plus, we have a unique job board with local government job postings from across the country that is available for our members.

Am I too old or established in my career to join ELGL?

We’re a big tent organization and we welcome anyone who wants to connect, communicate and educate about local government.  There’s no age or career path requirement. If you want to talk and think about cool local government topics – ELGL’s your home.  Other organizations are aligned by career path.  ELGL knows there’s not just one path to local government leadership, so we welcome you at any age or any stage.

What are the benefits of an All-In membership?

An All-In membership gives everyone in your local government the chance to benefit from ELGL’s training, education, and networking resources.  When you sign up as an All-In member, we’ll send you a discount code your staff and colleagues can use to create their own login and password. They’ll have access to all members-only content and opportunities provided by ELGL. And, your organization will have unlimited job postings on ELGL.org and our social channels for the full year.

How do I post my job/event to your site?

Take a look at this handy flow chart about posting a job on ELGL.org.  If you’ve read this and it doesn’t help, please email us.

My log-in isn’t working. Help!

Oh no! Please email us and we’ll help you out straight away.

When is the annual conference?

We host our annual conference in May of each year. We typically open registration in March, so keep your eye on the conference page of the site to save your spot.

What are pop up conferences?

We host multiple conferences in multiple cities on one day in the fall of each year. Some people think we’re crazy for taking on such a challenging logistical endeavor. But to us, it’s important to provide regional conferences on the same day across the country so our members feel connected, no matter where they live or what their training and travel budgets are.

Why do you use so many gifs and memes in your posts?

Because they’re really funny and they help ELGL tell serious stories about local government in a way that’s creative and real.

What’s your twitter handle?

ELGL loves Twitter. You can connect to our main handle @elgl50 or any of our regional ones:

@seelgl, @nwelgl, @calelgl, @swelgl, @neelgl, @elglsconnie, @ohioelgl


I want to get more involved!

Great! We want you to get more involved! ELGL is a flat organization.  There’s no hierarchy or waiting list to write for us, serve on a committee, plan events and webinars, or develop programming. Please email us and we’ll find a great way for you to get involved with ELGL.

Wait – what does the “E” in ELGL stand for?

Well… everything. When ELGL first started, it stood for “emerging” because we wanted to scratch that itch regarding preparing the next generation for local government leadership.  But as ELGL has evolved, we’ve realized that ELGL isn’t just for people starting their careers.  ELGL meets the need for everyone who wants their professional association to be a source of continual learning and growing for their local government careers.

We use technology and social sharing to include every member in our initiatives that boldly take on topics like diversity in local government leadership, infrastructure investment, and trending issues in public service.  That’s the ELGL way.

If you really need an “E” word to spell out the acronym, here’s a list generated by our members:

  • earnest
  • easygoing
  • eclectic
  • ecstatic
  • edgy
  • educated
  • educational
  • effectual
  • efficacious
  • efficient
  • effusive
  • elated
  • electric
  • electrifying
  • elegant
  • elfin
  • eligible
  • elite
  • eloquent
  • emblematic
  • emergent
  • eminent
  • emotional
  • emphatic
  • empirical
  • enchanting
  • encouraging
  • endearing
  • energetic
  • engaging
  • engrossing
  • enigmatic
  • enjoyable
  • enlightening
  • enterprising
  • entertaining
  • enthralling
  • enthusiastic
  • enviable
  • epic
  • equal
  • equitable
  • erudite
  • essential
  • established
  • ethereal
  • ethical
  • ethnic
  • euphoric
  • everlasting
  • evocative
  • excellent
  • exceptional
  • exciting
  • exhilarating
  • existential
  • expectable
  • expeditious
  • experienced
  • expert
  • expressive
  • exquisite
  • extant
  • extensive
  • external
  • extraordinary
  • extraterrestrial
  • exuberant
  • exultant
  • eager
  • ebullient
  • effective
  • emerging
  • eternal
  • exact