2017 Resume Book™️

2017 Resume Book™️

The 2017 ELGL Resume Book™️ is here! All of the award-winning ELGL members that submitted their resumes are listed below along with a short description of themselves and their latest resume.

But what should I use this for? Here’s a few hypothetical reasons the Resume Book™️ is awesome:

  • Let’s say a graduate student is looking to learn more about economic development in cities and you just so happen to work on economic development projects in Roanoke, VA. An ELGL member can search the ELGL Resume Book™️, find your background and connect with you to learn about your job.
  • The City of Boulder, CO is recruiting for a Public Information Officer and didn’t find what they were looking for in the first round of applications. Since they are an Organizational Member they can search the ELGL Resume Book™️ to communicate about the opportunity to potential candidates or find other communications staff to learn about what works in recruiting.
  • You work for the City of Evanston, IL and are looking for a new vendor to host your website. Simply search the ELGL Resume Book™️ to find other ELGL members that have worked on similar projects who can educate you on what they learned going through the same process.

Shawanda Asbury

Web and Digital Communications | Information Security Advocate. LinkedIn

Resume: Asbury, Shawanda

Rafael Baptista

Rafael is passionate and experienced in developing and implementing local government innovation programs. Rafael is also experienced in organizational strategic planning and performance management. LinkedIn

Resume: Baptista, Rafael

Susan Barkman

am a young professional interested in local government. My ultimate goal is work as city manager in a small community, but I do view careers as a jungle gym and am open to a variety of opportunities. LinkedIn

Resume: Barkman, Susan

Kylie Bayer-Fertterer

Lifelong local government enthusiast who promotes innovative human resources management practices by managing strong relationships, looking to the future, and taking risks. LinkedIn

Resume: Bayer-Fertterer, Kylie

Shawn Bell

Energetic public administrator who demonstrates a high level of professionalism and integrity. Analytical and innovative thinker with the ability to implement effective strategies and solutions. LinkedIn

Resume: Bell, Shawn

Brian Bickers

I am an MPA student finished with my coursework at the University of Kansas.  I am interested in doing analytical work to help ‘demystify’ data for internal and external stakeholders. LinkedIn

Resume: Bickers, Brian

Todd Blevins

Motivated young professional looking for opportunities for career advancement and skill expansion. Knowledge of aspects of municipal government relating to staffing, budgeting, communications, and program execution. LinkedIn

Resume: Blevins, Todd

Brian Bray

Brian Bray, MPA, is the Special Assistant to the Social Services Commissioner in Erie County, New York, overseeing external relations, technical support and data analytics for the 1,500-employee agency. Mr. Bray has more than thirteen years’ local government experience in the Western New York area, with a focus on policy analysis, community relations, and information technology. LinkedIn

Resume: Bray, Brian

Richard Brown

I am an innovative leader with demonstrated skills in leading and managing complex organizations. I am experienced in all aspects of municipal management and I can work effectively with elected officials, regional officials, department heads and staff. LinkedIn

Resume: Brown, Richard

Rae Buckley

Assistant to the Town Manager for Organizational and Strategic Initiatives at the Town of Chapel Hill, NC. LinkedIn

Resume: Buckley, Rae

Brent Buerck

City Administrator, City of Perryville, Missouri. LinkedIn

Resume: Buerck, Brent

Brock Close

I am in business development for Alliant Purchasing, a sponsor group for Premier Inc. We are one of the largest group purchasing organizations in the country and we save our members money on the supplies and services they currently buy with the vendors they buy from. LinkedIn

Resume: Close, Brock

LeaAnn Dearman

Simply put, I am an introvert by nature and an extrovert by profession. I am a public communicator with over 15 years of communication and marketing experience with an extensive background in public speaking, media relations, graphic design, video production, web development and social media. LinkedIn

Resume: Dearman, LeaAnn

Sadie DiNatale

Sadie DiNatale is interested in housing development and policy as well as issues around homelessness. LinkedIn

Resume: DiNatale, Sadie

Lawrence DiRe

I am a public service, higher education, and non-profit professional. I received the graduate degrees of MA\ABD from Loyola University Chicago and MPA from UNC-Chapel Hill. LinkedIn

Resume: DiRe, Lawrence

Chad Doran

As Communications Coordinator for Appleton I’m in charge of sharing stories and timely information about people, businesses and events in Appleton. LinkedIn

Resume: Doran, Chad

Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards is an emerging local government communication professional with an interest in community development and outreach. LinkedIn

Resume: Edwards, Christine

Timur Ender

Timur grew up in Raleigh, NC and attended North Carolina State University graduating in criminology in 2011. Drawn to the city’s strong quality of life, Timur moved to Portland to attend Lewis & Clark law school and graduated December 2014. LinkedIn

Resume: Ender, Timur

Kimberly Franklin

Experienced Finance Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Cash Flow, Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Internal Audit, and Analytical Skills. LinkedIn

Resume: Franklin, Kimberly

Emily Hajarizadeh

I am a concurrent degree law student and community and regional planning student at the University of Oregon, with a projected graduation date of June 2018. My areas of focus are land use law, comprehensive planning, and natural hazard mitigation.

Resume: Hajarizadeh, Emily

Kate Hammarback

Kate Hammarback is a 2017 MPA/MBA graduate from the University of Oregon.  She is passionate about community economic development and has eight years of experience in the nonprofit and public sectors. LinkedIn

Resume: Hammarback, Kate

Elizabeth Harries

Office Operations Manager at Recycling Association of Minnesota. LinkedIn

Resume: Harries, Elizabeth

Lianna Hedrick

Undergraduate Environmental Studies Major, with a focus in Sustainability, Lianna Hedrick is involved in anything to reduce carbon emissions into our atmosphere She is actively seeking experience beyond the class room with internships and research projects, and come post- graduation, she is willing to re-locate. LinkedIn

Resume: Hedrick, Lianna

Matt Horn

Experienced community leader with a demonstrated history of facilitating civic engagement and economic growth in cities across the United States. Well-versed in public-private partnerships, and leveraging the strengths of an organization and community to achieve your vision. LinkedIn

Resume: Horn, Matt

Maggie Hughes

I enthusiastically say yes to new experiences and my ambitions drive me through challenges. I thrive on dynamic teams that contain opportunities to lead and plenty of moments to follow. I’m passionate about working with, and for, a purpose and putting my experience to the test. LinkedIn

Resume: Hughes, Maggie

Alex Johnston

I have been consulting for the Lynchburg Economic Development Authority since 2014. You can see some of my projects here: citiesreimagined.com. LinkedIn

Resume: Johnston, Alex

Aaron Kaufman

Public Administration graduate student with a passion for serving the public through innovative government programs and services. LinkedIn

Resume: Kaufman, Aaron

Rachel Kelly

I am a public servant with a passion for connecting residents with their community. I strongly believe that a well run local government has the potential to shape the lives of its residents. LinkedIn

Resume: Kelly, Rachel

Elizabeth King

Economic Development Intern at City of Oak Park, Michigan. Recent graduate of Wayne State MPA program with a certificate in economic development. LinkedIn

Resume: King, Elizabeth

Ben Kittelson

Local government nerd at the City of Durham, NC and Engaging Local Government Leaders. Producer and co-host of the GovLove Podcast and enjoys walking his dog Franklin. LinkedIn

Resume: Kitelson, Ben

Andy Kuhn

A commanding, receptive, intentional, intellectual problem solver who thrives in environments where there the tasks are challenging and rarely routine. Formerly a middle school teacher (ask me about that experience) turned local government employee. LinkedIn

Resume: Kuhn, Andy

Danielle Merriweather

Graduate Student at Pepperdine School of Public Policy. LinkedIn

Resume: Merriweather, Danielle

Bill Mintiens

Public Affairs & Communications professional with over 20 years of experience in journalism, video production, podcasting, publishing (magazines & books,) community relations, research/public opinion polling, event management, and marketing. LinkedIn

Resume: Mintiens, Bill

Jasmine Moore

Graduate Student at Rutgers University and AmeriCorps Member at the Great Oaks Tutor Corps Educational Fellowship.

Resume: Moore, Jasmine

Abby Owens

My interest in local government comes from my drive to work with residents and community partners to improve the services and programs we provide. My passion is in planning (specifically water supply and conservation) but all aspects of civic engagement and municipal operations fascinate me. LinkedIn

Resume: Owens, Abby

Lesley Reder

Certified Budget and Evaluation Officer wit experience in budgeting, capital improvement planning, operational benchmarking, performance measurement, data analysis, program evaluation, public speaking, and conference planning. LinkedIn

Resume: Reder, Lesley

Joshua Schoemann

County Administrator at Washington County, Wisconsin. LinkedIn

Resume: Schoemann, Joshua

Britney Singer

I am a recent MPA graduate wanting to pursue a career in community and/or economic development. In working at the local level, I hope to utilize my knowledge and skills to actively improve my community and serve those around me. LinkedIn

Resume: Singer, Brittney

Ryan Slate

Local Government Generalist with significant experience in budgeting, project management, policy development, and strategic planning. Consultant experience leading successful economic development, land use planning, organizational development, and consolidated services projects. LinkedIn

Resume: Slate, Ryan

Aaron Stahly

Aspiring public service craftsman. Dynamic and goal-driven, motivated to take on today’s challenges in the field of local government management, and passionate about making a difference.

Resume: Stahly, Aaron

Rachel Stansbury

Dynamic, driven, and steadfast public sector professional with robust experience working in local government, higher education, and non-profit administration. I have multidisciplinary experience in program management, budgeting, event management, graphic design, and fundraising. LinkedIn

Resume: Stansbury, Rachel

Jennifer Teal

I am the City Administrator for Gahanna, Ohio, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Prior to working with Gahanna I worked in a variety of local and federal positions including time in a Stormwater utility, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. LinkedIn

Resume: Teal, Jennifer

Kaitlyn Timmerman

Public Administration Professional with an MPA, MSW, and leadership experience. LinkedIn

Resume: Timmerman, Kaitlyn

David Trimbach

I am a geographer with overlapping interests in: citizenship (theory and practice), equity, inclusion, community development, public policy, political power, migration, and minority communities. As a community-oriented, place-based, and policy-driven professional with nonprofit, academic, and public service experience, I seek to create more equitable and vibrant communities. LinkedIn

Resume: Trimbach, David

Tadd Wille

Senior level executive with 11+ years’ experience and expertise in building, strengthening, and leading teams and operations of dynamic, multi-billion dollar organizations. Demonstrated ability to develop and manage operating & capital budgets, implement strategic plans to achieve goals & policy objectives, and cultivate positive relationships with community members and organizations. LinkedIn

Resume: Wille, Tadd

Rebecca Woodbury

Senior Management Analyst at City of San Rafael, California. LinkedIn

Resume: Woodbury, Rebecca

Dave Wortman

I’m a senior sustainability, business development, and communications professional with 22+ years of experience with communities, organizations, K-12 and higher education, and the tourism industry. LinkedIn

Resume: Wortman, David

Melodi Yanik

Communications Assistant at the City of Kenmore, Washington. LinkedIn

Resume: Yanik, Melodi