In today’s Buzz we consider the report that AG Sessions did not disclose that he communicated with Russian officials during the election, what a dense Los Angeles would look like, and Singapore’s futuristic bus stations. 

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Sessions talked to Russian envoy, contacts he did not disclose during hearing Then-Sen. Jeff Sessions spoke with Russia’s ambassador to the United States twice last year but did not reveal those conversations during his confirmation hearing to become attorney general. The revelation could increase the pressure on Sessions to recuse himself from his agency’s probe of possible Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

About New York: Remembering a City Where the Smog Could Kill: With the future of the E.P.A. now in doubt, it’s worth recalling what New York City was like before the agency and the movement it represented.

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Washington is best West Coast state in new national ranking — and 5th overall “The Best State Report” by U.S. News and World Report ranks Washington state as the fifth-best in the nation for how well states are serving their citizens. The ranking compared health care, education, infrastructure, crime and more.

Singapore May Have Designed the World’s Best Bus Stop: While the U.S. is known for its sorry bus stops —despite creative grassroots efforts to improve them—Singapore’s bus stops are already pretty decent. In the year and a half I lived there, I never came across one without seating and a roof—vital in a tropical climate prone to downpours. Still, they’re pretty humdrum affairs, and not places you’d want to spend much time in.

We love you, Phil Rawlins, but Orlando City might be better off with Alex Leitão in charge: Orlando City held its annual Media Day earlier this week – a fun, festive time when players, coaches and executives all gather together so local writers and broadcasters can ask them such probing questions as, “So, what’s your favorite karaoke song?”

Kate Brown reminds Trump that not all governors are men: Trump welcomed the nation’s governors “and their wives” to the White House Sunday, Brown told the Huffington Post.

Andrew Gillum says he’ll run for governor in 2018 Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum became the first prominent candidate to jump into the 2018 governor’s race Wednesday, beginning a 17-month march to what could be a crowded primary for the nomination of the state’s struggling Democratic Party.

Arizona bill would change rules for gathering petition signatures: Instead of a total amount statewide, a percentage of signatures would be required from every legislative district.

San Antonio mayoral candidates to tackle key issues at forum at Tobin Center San Antonio mayoral candidates to tackle key issues at forum at Tobin Center KSAT San Antonio SAN ANTONIO – Three of the primary candidates in the race for city of San Antonio mayor will take part in another key forum Thursday at the Tobin Center.

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How Los Angeles Can Design for Density: Good urban design can make growth more appealing.

Turning a Dull Park Into a Place People Actually Enjoy: Think of a dull, gray space in your city that people walk through each day, but generally detest. What would it take to turn it into a genuinely appealing place where people actually want to hang out? Maybe not as much as you’d think.

Rio’s Pricey Sky Gondola Goes Full Stop: The sky gondola system built prior to the Rio Olympics has ground to a halt, leaving residents of the city’s favelas with little to show for such a grand investment in infrastructure.

State Legislation Could Make Parking Meters Legal in North Dakota Again: A law making its way through the North Dakota Legislative Assembly would challenge a prevailing assumption in the state that free parking is a human right.

On-Demand Public Transit in Kansas City Leaves a Lot to Be Desired: Kansas City’s novel effort to handle transit’s last mile problem has failed to attract ridership.