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Dakota Access Pipeline Showdown Looms Demonstrators near the site of the Dakota Access pipeline braced for a showdown with authorities on Wednesday, as protest leaders said at least some would defy a deadline to abandon the camp they have occupied for months to halt the project.

Astronomers discover 7 Earth-size planets orbiting nearby by star Astronomers have found at least seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. The findings were also announced at a news conference at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

U.S. Troops have come under fire in Mosul U.S. troops have come “under fire” and have “returned fire” in and around Mosul as allied forces try to retake the city from ISIS, a U.S. military spokesperson said on Wednesday.



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Republican Congress members propose bill to limit cities’ power – Tallahassee, FL Lawmakers are pushing a bill (HB 17) that would prohibit cities, counties and other arms of local government from passing any regulations on businesses unless they have been given specific permission from the state Legislature. The same proposal would repeal existing rules governing businesses in 2020.

Israeli dignitary visits Indiana to meet with local government leaders Jewish leaders are speaking out against the rise in anti-Semitic acts in the country. An Israeli dignitary visited Indianapolis Tuesday to meet with government officials. His visit focused on building relationships and exploring economic development possibilities, but he also spoke about the recent anti-Semitic incidents. “These are voices of extremists,” Consul General of Israel Aviv Ezra said.

Maryland should look to local government for pension solutions Potential solutions to Maryland’s looming pension crisis can be found in the one place the legislature would never think to look: Local governments. Caroline County has its own pension system. Five years ago, the County’s retirement plan was less than 65% funded. Today, the funding level has increased to over 81% despite substantially lowering the expected rate of return on investments.

ACLU files lawsuit over Memphis city hall black list The City of Memphis is facing a federal lawsuit over its list of people requiring police escort inside city hall. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday on behalf of four people whose names appear on the list. The suit claims the city violated a 1978 consent decree outlawing political surveillance by the Memphis Police Department.

City council measure makes Newton a sanctuary for immigrants After weeks of debate and rallies in support of immigrants, the Newton City Council on Tuesday voted 16 to 1 to become a “welcoming city” that protects all residents, regardless of their legal status.Seven councilors were absent from the packed meeting, which followed a rally attended by more than 150 people who held signs, wore buttons, and cheered to show their support for providing “sanctuary city”-type protections to immigrants and refugees.

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Three protestors arrested during Portland City Council meeting The Portland City Council meeting was disrupted Wednesday morning by a group of people upset with police tactics used during the “Not My President’s Day’ protest on Monday.

Top city official fired; FBI seize phone, computer A top city leader has been fired and escorted out of Atlanta City Hall. Chief Procurement Officer Adam Smith was fired Tuesday after the city was hit with a subpoena. The mayor’s office says Smith was fired and then federal agents seized equipment from his office.

Covington city manager resigns amid tension at city hall Covington’s city manager resigned Tuesday night after a tense couple of months at city hall. New Mayor Joe Meyer and his supporters wanted change in the city administration, singling out City Manager Larry Klein as a problem.