Effingham, IL vs. Peoria, IL

Effingham, IL vs. Peoria, IL

Over the past three weeks, ELGL members and friends took part in ELGL City Hall Madness, narrowing the field from 64 to this week as we head into the Elite Eight.

Vote in the head-to-head match-ups to determine which city hall advances to the Elite Eight. Voting ends at 11:59 EST on February 24. Follow along and fill out your own bracket as we release the winners from each round.

Tournament Dates

  • Week of January 30: Round of 64
  • Week of February 6: Round of 32
  • Week of February 13: Sweet 16
  • Week of February 20: Elite 8
  • Week of February 27: Final 4
  • Week of March 6: National Championship

Spread the word using #ELGLCityHall. Win bonus points for your favorite city hall by leaving a comment on what makes it so great.

39 comments on “Effingham, IL vs. Peoria, IL

  • Jeremy Ritter says:

    Peoria has more character and a better history, effingham is modern and sleek just everybody elses newer buildings

  • Effingham City Hall is an amazing building that gives a small town such a big town feel. My office is located across the street from City Hall and it’s such a great view out my window every day.

  • Go P-town! I remember looking at City Hall for an architecture tour and it’s such a great part of our city!

  • Isaac Robertson-Brown says:

    When I was six years old my father brought me to California and we saw the most breathtaking sunset we had ever experienced, yet the first time I saw Peoria city hall it’s utter elegance and grandeur brought a tear to my eye and restored my faith in the goodness of mankind. There is no doubt in my mind there has never been and will never be a single building that rivals Peoria city hall.

  • The city hall of Peoria, a diverse community of people with a rich tradition of excellence, ensures that everyone will actively participate in a safe and enriching environment where their needs and aspirations are customized. Everyone will accomplish success, experience personal growth and increase social responsibility.

  • Teri Waterman says:

    Effingham is a very family and friendly place. You are not afraid to walk the streets. We have beautiful structures new and old. Ours is beautiful along with all the beautiful people in this city.

  • Carlos Sanchato says:

    hello my name is carlos and i lived in both effingham and peoria and Peoria is so much better

  • Carlos Sanchato says:

    @disqus_Jy2UunV55W:disqus your 100% wrong because Peoria is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Toxic Whale says:

    Effingham’s city hall looks like a dentist office. I can not like a building that scares people. Vote Peoria, because it is very cool and hip AF

  • The Toxic Whale says:

    Effingham’s city hall looks like a dentist office. I can not like a building that scares people. Vote Peoria, because it is very cool and hip AF

  • Super Slimy Slitherin Snitch's says:

    Honestly, what is Effingham known for? At least Peoria has Caterpillar right? oh wait… nevermind, lol

  • Effingham is great place to live and the folks at City Hall do a ton to enrich the community. Downtown is lovely and filled with local businesses and art. City Hall is right downtown and it’s common to see city officials attending events on the square. It’s a wonderful and vibrant community.

  • Molly Whalen Richmond says:

    When you have a building that stands the test of time (over a hundred years old) like the Peoria City Hall, words cannot convey the historical meaning behind the structure. Peoria, as a community has been through it’s ups and downs, but just like City Hall, we’ve always stood tall and held our heads high. I’ve lived in Peoria all my life, raised a family and now have the great privilege of showing my granddaughter that her great, great, uncle’s construction company built our beautiful City Hall. Yes.. it does play in Peoria.

  • Ashley Catour says:

    The building is so beautiful and has such great architecture. We had some of our engagement photos shot around the outside because it creates a naturally beautiful backdrop. Peoria has a beautiful City Hall!

  • Alexander Morino says:

    Peoria City Hall for sure…Designed and built by Reeves and Bailee in 1897 its beautiful architecture has stood the test of time and is still magnificent by todays standards. The German Renaissance style stands out in a remarkable way and would be a great photo additional for any album.

  • Peoria has a beautiful city… I’m not saying that Effingham doesn’t, but Peoria’s building is a whole lot better.

  • Tonya Brown Siner says:

    Effingham has a beautiful City Hall and the sculptures add to the scenery. I’ve lived in Effingham almost all of my life and I’ve seen so many changes and expansions and our City Hall is one of many great additions to our town. Go Effingham!!

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