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Top Republican senators say Congress should probe Flynn situation: Top Republican senators, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said Tuesday that Congress should probe the circumstances leading up to the resignation of Michael Flynn as President Trump’s national security adviser, opening a new and potentially uncomfortable chapter in the uneasy relationship between Trump and congressional Republicans.

Broken California Dam Is a Sign of Emergencies to Come: A deluge of repeated rainstorms set the stage for the near-disaster at the Oroville Dam in California, a crisis that foreshadows what the Golden State can expect more of with climate change, several experts said. The situation at Oroville — in Butte County, Calif., northeast of Sacramento — happened after both an infrastructure failure and a weather event, said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist with UCLA.

6-Year-Old Girls Already Have Gendered Beliefs About Intelligence: Among the 5-year-olds, both boys and girls associated brilliance with their own gender. But among those aged 6 or 7, only the boys still held to that view. At an age when girls tend to outperform boys at school, and when children in general show large positive biases towards their own in-groups, the girls became less likely than boys to attribute brilliance to their own gender.

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Why Killer Viruses Are On The Rise: The world is now in uncharted territory when it comes to infectious diseases. We’re facing a whole new era. Over the past century, the number of new infectious diseases cropping up each year has nearly quadrupled. The number of outbreaks per year has more than tripled.

Welcome to the ‘Great Divergence’: High-paying blue-collar jobs have faded, and the labor market has bifurcated into high-paid knowledge workers and low-paid service workers. Geographic clustering amplified this as knowledge workers packed themselves into a select group of large cities and and tech hubs. America and Americans have split apart by class and geography.

Non-profit co-working space to open on east side this spring: We’re fond of visiting co-working spaces in Detroit, and a new one promises to be different from the rest. Led by Wolverine Human Services, The Den will be a space for startup non-profits to work and collaborate on Detroit’s east side. The 2,400-square-foot co-working space will have shared or private work spaces, conference areas, Internet access, a mailing address, support staff during business hours, access to the gym, a commercial kitchen and dining area, a community coffee and kitchen corner, and an optional incubation package, which provides professional mentoring, workshops, and referral services to help launch a non-profit business.

Half of the Children in California Have an Immigrant Parent: In this time of heightened tension surrounding immigration policy, one state in particular faces a disproportionate challenge. Nationwide, 25 percent of children have at least one immigrant parent—in California, that number is doubled.

The Secret to a Happy, Healthy City? Places for People to Protest: In other words: Give people more beautiful, functional space to do with as they please—whether those activities involve posterboard and bullhorns or just sunbathing with friends. “Public spaces should fundamentally allow for expression,” says Shin-pei Tsay, a signatory to the De Blasio letter and head of the Gehl Institute, an urban research and advocacy organization.

Time for a new gender-equality playbook: More than 75 percent of CEOs include gender equality in their top ten business priorities, but gender outcomes across the largest companies are not changing. Our research indicates, for example, that corporate America promotes men at 30 percent higher rates than women during their early career stages and that entry-level women are significantly more likely than men to have spent five or more years in the same role.

Met Museum Makes 375,000 Images Free: All images of public-domain artworks in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection — about 375,000 — are now free for anyone to use however they may please. The museum announced on Tuesday that it had changed its open access policy to allow free, unrestricted use of any images of artworks in the public domain, using the license designation Creative Commons Zero, known as CC0.

Local Gov Confidential

Plano City Council calls for $224 million bond election in May: Plano city officials called for a $224.12 million bond referendum on Monday night that, if voters approve, would provide much-needed money to begin street repairs, public safety projects and the restoration of one of the city’s oldest homes.

New City Hall complicates Rehoboth budget talks: After three meetings on the 2017-18 budget, for the Rehoboth Beach commissioners, the elephant in the room remains completing the City Hall building. The commissioners will hold their fourth meeting on the $28 million budget at 9 a.m., Friday, Feb. 17, at Rehoboth fire hall. Mayor Sam Cooper said, “The building getting done overshadows everything.”

Peoria City Hall in online Sweet Sixteen: If you and your sweetheart have a sense of civic duty and pride, you always could cast a vote for Peoria’s historic City Hall building, which is among 16 finalists in an online competition to find the “best” of its kind in the country. Engaging Local Government Leaders, a national group of municipal officials, is sponsoring the contest. The bracket-style, head-to-head format is similar to that of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Don’t “Balance” Modes — Prioritize Walking, Biking, and Transit: I’m capable of saying some pretty harsh things — I’m very un-Canadian that way,” says urban planning consultant and former Vancouver chief planner Brent Toderian. “But most of the time, I would say that if a city hires me, it’s because they know that the status quo isn’t working, so they’re not gonna be shocked when I tell them… but it’s also got to be constructive.”