Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Dear ELGL members,

Last week, we celebrated the ten ELGL members who curate the Morning Buzz each weekday morning. This work is important, because it provides timely and topical local government headlines, every single workday. Join us in saying Hip Hip Hooray for ELGL Morning Buzzers.

We also signed up another awesome Conference Sponsor: BoardSync. Outreach to potential sponsors is ongoing and their early support is critical as we finalize plans for Detroit, Charlotte, Kansas City, Dallas, and Portland.

In reflection during Friday’s inauguration ceremonies, we compiled the most recent “My Life in Presidential Terms” blog series where our members shared their experiences from 2008 to 2016, ELGL Members Discuss the Last Eight Years.

And, on Saturday in reaction to the #WomensMarch, we curated our favorite #13Percent articles to show support and get involved.

Thank you,


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Mentor Month

Mentor Month rolls on with more great blogs about how to mentor and “thank yous” to significant mentors who have made a difference in ELGL members’ lives.

ELGL Partnership Columns

We’re really proud of the partnerships we form with our organizational members. As part of these partnerships, we produce blog series that highlight the work they’re doing in their organizations. This week we had the chance to publish two of these blog series:

Featured Job Posts

It was job-a-palooza this week on ELGL.org, plus a reminder that we have a dedicated Facebook jobs group for all of our postings to show up on your timeline.


We started the week with a special edition podcast to celebrate mentor month. I “met” Traca Savadogo on Twitter and she epitomizes being a connector and building out your mentoring network. Take a listen to Celebrating Mentor Month with Traca Savadogo.

Also this week, we shared a blog post about The Role of Libraries in Advancing Community Goals, which is a follow-up to this GovLove episode from last fall.

And on Friday, Kent shared his interview with city of Charlotte, NC’s Hyong Yi about his love and community project: Podcast: Love & Community with Hyong Yi.

Guest Bloggers & New Member Profiles

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