ELGL Policy Summit: Homelessness

ELGL Policy Summit: Homelessness

On January 12, 2017, ELGL hosted its first online policy summit. Our mission was to provide a conference experience on a topic that our members could participate in from their offices. The first topic we picked was homelessness, given the number of ELGL members who have shared that they’ve been working on this topic for their local governments. Rae Trotta from Trotta Consulting moderated the sessions; she was a panelist at #ELGL16 in PDX and is a policy consultant on homelessness and public health. Learn more about Rae online.

Stories from Seattle:
Exploring the Nexus of Substance Abuse, Homelessness and Low Level Crime with
Scott Lindsay

Stories from San Francisco:
How the Navigation Center Navigated a City Planning Process with
Sam Dodge

Stories from San Rafael:
Realistic Solutions Developed by a Medium-Sized City with
Andrew Hening


Stories from Eugene:
Perspectives About Criminalization with
Rae Trotta and Jason Dedrick