Today’s Buzz features Trump’s admiration of Putin, who even knows what in North Carolina, and changing your mind about Trump. I’m still in the Midwest and will be enjoying a wholesome, hotdish-tastic New Year. See you in 2017!

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What Would Change Your Mind About President Trump? An exercise for his supporters and critics. If recent measures of public opinion hold, President Trump will enter office viewed unfavorably by 49 percent of Americans. 43 percent of Americans view him favorably. The deepest fears of his critics include the possibility of nuclear catastrophe. His most enthusiastic backers believe he’ll “make America great again.” Will either group prove able to judge the Trump Administration based on its performance in office rather than their prejudgments about the president’s fitness?

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50 Nifty

As U.S. Confronts Russia, Trump’s Admiration Of Putin Is Consistent: President-elect Donald Trump is unabashedly praising Russian President Vladimir Putin, a day after outgoing President Obama issued tough sanctions against the country in response to alleged cyberattacks intended to influence the U.S. elections.

Vladimir Putin Won’t Expel U.S. Diplomats as Russian Foreign Minister Urged: In a head-spinning turn of events on Friday, President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced that he would not retaliate against President Obama’s decision to expel Russian diplomats and impose new sanctions – hours after his foreign minister recommended doing just that.

In 2016, the world lost an entire tier of progressive icons right when it needed them most: From Bowie to Prince, George Michael to Carrie Fisher, 2016’s celebrity deaths hit a particular sore spot.

Trump touts plans by Sprint and OneWeb to create 8,000 U.S. jobs: President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday touted plans by telecom company Sprint and technology start-up OneWeb to hire a total of 8,000 workers in the U.S. in what he said was “very good news” for the economy.

Local Gov Confidential

Sikh NYPD officers finally allowed to wear turbans in ‘major change’ to uniform policy: The New York Police Department is allowing Sikh officers to wear turbans instead of traditional caps, and grow their beards up to half an inch long for religious reasons, Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced Wednesday.

North Carolina Judge Blocks Attempt To Strip Governor Of Some Powers: A North Carolina judge is temporarily blocking a law that would have limited the power of the state’s incoming governor. Democratic Gov.-elect Roy Cooper defeated incumbent Republican Pat McCrory in November in a tight race.

Oregon occupation a year later: Ranch family at center of debate was ‘scared to death’: A knock on the front door awakened Susie Hammond at the break of dawn. She struggled out of bed, hobbled by an aching right hip, and limped to the front of her small house in downtown Burns. Whoever it was, she thought, must be someone she knew because of the early hour.

N.C. regulators: Cleanup costs for coal-ash ponds can be passed on to utility customers: A recent ruling by N.C. regulators on a Dominion rate case could be an important indicator for Charlotte-based Duke Energy on the controversial issue of paying for cleaning up coal ash in the state.