Today’s Buzz features Obama’s final press conference of 2016, more ridiculous shenanigans in North Carolina, and Bill Gates as your Secret Santa?! It’s true – a lucky Reddit user received a box from the man himself. As it turns out, Bill Gates has been participating in Reddit’s Secret Santa matchup since 2011.

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FBI, CIA Agree That Russia Was Trying To Help Trump Win The Election: Two intelligence sources say the FBI agrees with the CIA assessment that Russia interfered in the U.S. election, in part to help Donald Trump, clearing up any confusion and other reporting that the agencies weren’t in sync.

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WATCH: President Obama Holds Final News Conference Of 2016: “Almost every country on earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than it was eight years ago,” the president said at a White House news conference on Friday before the Obama family leaves for Hawaii later today for their annual holiday vacation.

Trump’s Pick for Israel Ambassador Is No Diplomat: David Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer, believes Israel can annex and settle in the West Bank, wants to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and called a liberal American Jewish group “worse than kapos.”

Germany’s New Crowdfunded Train Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True: All aboard a low-price, eco-friendly, vintage train that promises an experience as much as a journey.

Excavating the Legacy of the Internment Camps: Through new research and exhibitions, historians are racing to preserve stories from the forced relocation of Americans and Canadians of Japanese descent during World War II.

Local Gov Confidential

North Carolina Governor Signs Law Limiting Power Of His Successor: Pat McCrory, North Carolina’s outgoing Republican governor, has signed a law stripping executive powers from his successor, Democrat Roy Cooper.

Suspect in Mount Vernon, WA officer’s shooting had avoided life sentence in 1998 plea deal: Rivas was sentenced to 15 years in prison and avoided a three-strikes conviction, which would have sent him to prison for the rest of his life. A Yakima police detective protested the deal, calling Rivas a “predator.”

Oregon’s jury system designed to ‘dampen’ voice of minorities, judge rules: A Portland judge Thursday declined to grant a new trial to a 33-year-old African American man despite his argument that he didn’t get a fair trial because only one of 12 jurors was black — and the juror’s vote ultimately didn’t count.

PDX rents go down; renter incomes up: Rents have gone down more than half a percentage point in Portland since last year, after flattening out in the past few months. That’s according to a report released by Apartment List this month, showing rents fell for three straight months in 55 of the top 100 cities.

Warning issued to avoid I-75 in Northern Michigan through Saturday: The National Weather Service issued a civil emergency message Friday, Dec. 16, stating whiteout conditions led to multiple crashes on the stretch of interstate running through Cheboygan County.

Court refuses to lift order for state to deliver water in Flint: A federal appeals court on Friday refused to stay a judge’s order that requires the State of Michigan to make regular deliveries of bottled water to Flint households that don’t have a working water filter on their kitchen taps.