Today’s Buzz features the world’s largest modular building, Medicaid cuts, and Fake News and is adorned with photos of adorable corgis.


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Obama Tries to Reassure Latin America About a Future With Donald Trump President Obama, speaking in Peru to students and young leaders, said it was “important for people around the world to not make immediate judgments.”

Immigrants Who Came to U.S. as Children Fear Deportation Under Trump: Immigrants protected under President Obama’s DACA program worry about losing the progress they have made and being forced back underground or even deported.


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In Depressed Rural Kentucky, Worries Mount Over Medicaid Cutbacks People in poverty-stricken Clay County, Kentucky, worry about what will happen to their health care if Gov. Matt Bevin’s and President-elect Trump’s ambitions to overhaul Medicaid proceed.

How Jeff Sessions went from fringe figure to mainstream Republican: President-elect Donald Trump announced Friday that he will nominate Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to run the Justice Department. A few years ago, this would have a startling pick.

Perfect circle around British Columbia: A 2,200-mile loop showcases mountains, remnants of volcanoes and the storied sites of Canada’s gold-rush and fur-trade eras.

For Trump adviser Stephen Bannon, fiery populism followed life in elite circles: How the former Breitbart News chairman rose from provocateur to Oval Office confidant is the story of a man who, like Donald Trump, now rages against the system from which he benefited for years.

Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Fake News On Facebook: Some have criticized Facebook for being a platform that allowed fake news to spread. Following the criticism, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released plans to combat fake news on the site.



Local Gov Confidential

Obama Order Creates the Council on Community Solutions: The Obama Administration recently offered a parting gesture toward better coordination between the federal government and local and regional municipalities.

The World’s Largest Modular Building: Now Leasing in Brooklyn: Modular construction has been offered as a cheaper construction alternative and a possible solution for the affordable housing crisis. Now the building typology has a new showcase project in Brooklyn.

Bellevue police won’t ask residents for immigration status, says chief: “We don’t want someone who is the victim of a crime to have any fears about talking to the police because of their immigration status,” Police Chief Steve Mylett said. “I do not and will not allow that to happen.”

Why Portland can’t fight gentrification with 387-square-foot condos: Government officials approved nearly $660,000 in subsidies for a new condo project in North Portland. There’s just one problem.

Students along polluted Duwamish River champion ‘environmental justice’: The Duwamish Valley Youth Corps will keep pushing cleanup of Seattle’s only river, whatever happens in the “other” Washington.