In today’s Buzz President Obama and President-elect Trump meet for the first time post election, Trump seeks to delay his fraud case, and we celebrate the life of Leonard Cohen.

Today’s Morning Buzz is dedicated to America’s Veterans.  Please take the time to say Thank You to the Veterans in your life today.


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50 Nifty

The Ku Klux Klan says it will hold a Trump victory parade in North Carolina  One of the largest Ku Klux Klan groups in the country has announced a parade to celebrate President-elect Donald Trump’s win.

This Floating, Solar-Powered Bike Path Could Give Chicagoans A Better Commute  SecondShore gets the city’s cyclists off the roads so they don’t have to ride around cars.

What A Difference 2 Percentage Points Makes  Here’s the Electoral College map we’re going to end up with, assuming that every uncalled state goes to the candidate leading in the vote count there as of 4 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday.

Empathizing With Trump Voters Right Now, Cont’d  As brilliant and scathing as Alec Baldwin was with his portrayal of Donald Trump this year, SNL’s “Black Jeopardy” sketch was ultimately the real standout—for its humor and its humanity

Seattle votes to reach deep for $54 billion transit package  The Sound Transit 3 package benefited from a $7.2 million campaign in favor of roughly doubling the mileage of light rail, as well as adding bus rapid transit, heavy rail and infrastructure upgrades.

Anti-Trump protesters march through Portland, close interstates 5 and 84  The protest came on the heels of a march that blocked traffic on I-5 in Portland early Wednesday with at least 200 protesters shouting anti-Trump slogans soon after Hillary Clinton conceded and Trump addressed the nation.

Wildlife getting sicker; people the culprit  Many rising wildlife diseases are traced to human activities. That has implications for both wildlife and people.

Federal judge orders delivery of bottled water in Flint  ‘A safe water supply has always been critical to civilization,’ said U.S. District Judge David Lawson.

Royal Oak students chant ‘build the wall’  A viral video in Royal Oak has sparked outrage on social media

What Happened to Hillary Clinton’s Support Among Latinos?  A looming question ahead of Election Day was whether Latino voters could deliver the White House to Hillary Clinton. The Democratic nominee’s team seemed optimistic, as polls showed her with a significant advantage over Trump and Latino early-voting turnout spiked in Florida and Nevada, two swing states.

Should Facebook Buy Snopes?  A lot of what’s on Facebook isn’t true. Maybe that’s not surprising, because a lot of what’s on the internet at large isn’t true, and Facebook is a place for people to share what they’re thinking, or seeing, or reading.

‘He Can Build a Wall, but We’ll Just Build a Tunnel’  Trump has often boasted that in his first day of office as president, he will start building a “big, beautiful, powerful wall” on the border with Mexico and start sending millions of undocumented immigrants back south.

Mass Transit Won Big on Election Day. But It Could Still Lose.  In a country marked by ever-deepening divides, there are only so many ways that Americans from different walks of life come together anymore.

Why Donald Trump Is the Greatest Politician in American Electoral History  Donald Trump is the greatest politician in the history of United States electoral politics.

People worried about climate change might take solace from new study  From 2002 to 2014, plants appear to have gone into overdrive to pull more carbon dioxide out of the air than they had before, according to a newly published research.

Women Rush To Get Long-Acting Birth Control After Trump Wins  Women lit up social media with warnings that birth control may become harder to get under the Trump administration.

Somali Refugee Makes History In U.S. Election  On Tuesday, 34-year-old Ilhan Omar became the first Somali-American lawmaker in the United States, winning a seat in the Minnesota House.


Local Government Confidential

Potsdam taxi cab company requests village board to remove taxi rate cap  Husband and wife John D. Meyers and Elisa M. Meyers started their taxi cab business, Taxi Zero Transport, in 2014. Lately, they haven’t been able to operate due to a $6 taxi cab rate cap put in place by the village of Potsdam in 2008.

Santa Ana City Council members reassure anxious immigrants  Two Santa Ana City Council members and other community leaders sought Thursday to reassure local immigrants anxious about what a Donald Trump presidency will bring.

L.A. City Council bans sleeping in vehicles near homes, schools A day after voters handed Los Angeles $1.2 billion to build supportive housing, the City Council on Wednesday adopted a nighttime ban on living in vehicles near homes, parks and schools, over objections from advocates who contend the measure will criminalize thousands of homeless people.