Today’s Buzz features more Clinton email news, Iceland’s Pirate Party, and Martin Luther. In honor of impending sugar rushes here are a bunch of candies that are just a bit off.

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Justice warned FBI that Comey decision was inconsistent with policy: The bureau told Justice officials that Director James Comey intended to inform lawmakers of newly discovered emails. “We don’t comment on an ongoing investigation. And we don’t take steps that will be viewed as influencing an election,” one Justice official said.

Justice Dept. Strongly Discouraged Comey on Move in Clinton Email Case: Senior officials warned the F.B.I. director on policies against talking about current criminal investigations or being seen as meddling in elections.

Five takeaways from Comey’s October surprise The front-running Democrat has always been weakest when protecting a lead, and, according to the people around her, chronically suspicious of any overlong stretches of good fortune or blue-sky forecasting. She needn’t have worried. The last 10 days of her historic campaign are now socked in by a lowering overcast of suspicion, and a depressingly familiar threat.


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Long Before Twitter, Martin Luther Was a Media Pioneer: The 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses is being celebrated at institutions across the country, showing how deftly he used the media of his day.

Trump vs. Clinton: Fearing the aftermath: To hear some Democrats and pundits tell it, you might wonder why we’re even having an election Nov. 8. They have already declared Hillary Clinton the winner. See, I’m here today to deliver a little tough love to both sides. Because I’m not so worried about Nov. 8. I’m more worried about Nov. 9. And all the days that follow. Because we will have to carry on. And we can’t do that when so many people on each side view all of the others as evil, unpatriotic nut jobs.

Iceland’s Pirate Party faces rough seas as incumbents lead vote count: With half of the votes counted in the Icelandic election, the Independence Party had a sizable margin over the political upstarts advocating direct democracy and Internet freedom.


Local Gov Confidential

The Genesis of a Medium-Sized City’s Affordable Housing Strategy: Bradenton, a medium-sized city on the Gulf Coast of Florida, offers a case study in affordable housing policy.

AnHundreds of Ohio absentee ballots lost after reaching Pontiac sorting center: The ballots made it to the processing center in Pontiac, but did not make it to their final destination

Telecoms’ Ambitions on Targeted Ads Seen Curbed by F.C.C.’s New Privacy Rules: AT&T’s and Verizon’s hopes of collecting and analyzing customer data to sell advertising may be dashed if they have to ask customers’ permission.

Lights are on, but nobody’s home. Can an art project save a neighborhood? Hundreds of vacant, crumbling homes line run-down streets in the Albany, N.Y., area. A $1.2 million project aims to shine light on them — and sparks debate in the process.