Today’s Buzz features more emails, U.S. economic growth, and the Bronx losing its only bookstore. Also, did you hear about Smashmouth, the Oakland A’s, Coco Crisp and Sean Doolittle: A Twitter tale.


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The Bronx Loses Its Only Bookstore: The Bronx is home to 1.5 million people, two hundred thousand public-school students, eleven colleges and universities, and a single general-interest bookstore—a Barnes & Noble, located in the Bay Plaza shopping center, in Co-op City, in the northeast section of the borough.


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FBI Led Back To Clinton Email Server Case By Anthony Weiner Investigation: Newly discovered emails being examined by the FBI in relation to Hillary Clinton’s email server came to light in the course of an unrelated criminal investigation of Anthony Weiner, a source familiar with the matter tells NPR’s Carrie Johnson.

The Stock Market Stumbles After Friday’s Clinton Email News. Here’s Why: Justin Wolfers, economics professor at the University of Michigan and a contributor at the Upshot, has been writing about this phenomenon, noting that stock futures rose, for example, during the first presidential debate — one that (like the others) was widely perceived to be a Clinton win.

U.S. economy surges to strongest growth in two years: The U.S. economy grew at its strongest pace in two years in the third quarter, according to government data released Friday morning, helping to allay fears that the world’s largest economy might be stalling after a sustained period of weakness.


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A Brief History of Women’s Housing in Los Angeles: Today, there are few services devoted to their particular needs.

Another Puget Sound orca dies; hope dims for her calf: The deaths of a mother and young calf would drop the population of southern resident killer whales to 80, among the lowest levels in decades.

Oregon standoff prosecutors failed to prove ‘intent’ to impede federal workers: Juror 4 vigorously defends the across-the-board acquittals of Ammon Bundy and his six co-defendants, calling the rulings a “statement” about the prosecution’s failure to prove the fundamental elements of a conspiracy charge.

City of Raleigh nears lease deal for 53-acre solar farm: The city of Raleigh plans to lease more than 50 acres of land for a solar farm – more than quintupling the city’s solar portfolio, from 2.2 megawatts to 15.2 megawatts. And the power, at least initially, would be sold to Charlotte-based Duke Energy.