In today’s Morning Buzz Vine is pronounced dead, the Bundy brothers are acquitted and Illinois Senator Mark Kirk questions his opponents heritage during a Thursday night debate.

The Morning Buzz is brought to you by a few of the more popular Vine videos from the past four years.


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Vine Was Too Pure for this World  Here lies our deeply beloved Vine, a four-year-old video platform that was too perfect for the internet. The app was pronounced dead at approximately 12:10 p.m. ET this afternoon, via the traditional means for putting down a withering social network: a surreptitious and brief Medium post. Cause of death: Lack of money.

Bundy Brothers Acquitted in Takeover of Oregon Wildlife Refuge  Armed antigovernment protesters led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy were acquitted Thursday of federal conspiracy and weapons charges stemming from the takeover of a federally owned wildlife sanctuary in Oregon last winter.

Sen. Mark Kirk questions opponent’s American heritage in Illinois debate In a stunning moment during a Thursday night debate, an embattled U.S. senator cast doubt on his opponent’s military and ethnic heritage. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), seeking to unseat GOP Sen. Mark Kirk in Illinois, invoked her family’s military service while answering a debate question.




Webinar: How to Get Started with Open Data Tuesday, November 8, 2016 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


50 Nifty

A Digital Archive Documents Two Decades of Torture by Chicago Police  The Chicago Police Department seems to be continuously embroiled these days in multiple, high-profile investigations of fatal incidents, corruption scandals, and mishandling of critical equipment.

Gilberts donate $15 million to MSU to help Breslin project  Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and wife Jennifer are donating $15 million from the family’s foundation to support renovations at Michigan State’s basketball arena.

The latest in hate: Hannity offers Obamas a one-way trip to Kenya  A new high in right-wing hate:  Sean Hannity offers to charter a plane and take the Obamas to Kenya.  “I have one stipulation — you can’t come back.”

Plastic fibers emerge as Great Lakes pollutant  A recent study of Great Lakes tributaries found that plastic pollution isn’t just from the beads in consumer products, but that it also falls into three other broad categories.

Michigan men adopt stray dog, puppies at bachelor party  A group of men from Michigan have returned from a bachelor party in Tennessee with a stray dog and her litter of puppies.

Top Websites – 2016  The annual list of the best planning, design, and development websites, representing some of the top online resources for news, information, and research on the built environment.

Trump’s ‘Voter Suppression Operation’ Targets Black Voters  It would be unfair to call Donald Trump’s interaction with black voters a love-hate relationship, since there’s little evidence of African American enthusiasm for Trump.

The Deception of Density  One thing that many planners, economists, and urban reformers agree on these days is that density is a good thing.

Twitter earnings: Three top take-aways for those who tweet  The quarterly earnings Twitter released Thursday offered more than just financial data points for investors and analysts.

One North Carolina County Shows The Cracks In The GOP’s Defenses  “Forgive our mess,” Mary Anne Huggins said as she led me through the Gaston County Republican Party headquarters on a recent Wednesday morning. “We never throw anything away — we’re conservative.”

The Road Trip That Changed Hillary Clinton’s Life  Mrs. Clinton’s former landlord, now 97, recounts a road trip taken 42 years ago that offers a glimpse into the candidate the public seldom sees.

Do Parents Invade Children’s Privacy When They Post Photos Online?  The kids look so darned cute in that photo, it’s hard not to post it online for all too see. But there are privacy risks to sharing children’s images, and children often don’t want the exposure.

Pope Francis Reaches Out To Honor The Man Who Splintered Christianity  Martin Luther created one of Christianity’s greatest rifts when he denounced the Catholic Church in 1517.


Local Government Confidential

No more talk, St. Petersburg City Council tells mayor’s staff, it’s time to fix the sewage mess  After two hours of peppering the city’s top sewage official with questions, the St. Petersburg City Council said they’re tired of Mayor Rick Kriseman’s administration flip-flopping on how to solve the sewage crisis.

Charleston City Council again considers reining in Planning Commission’s power  In what has evolved into a long-running debate over the power of Charleston’s Planning Commission, members of City Council failed to pass a new ordinance Tuesday night that would have reduced the vote needed to override a negative recommendation from the commission.

Village water meter installation at park riles Rhinebeck Town Board members  Town Board members are furious that the village has moved forward with installing a water meter at Thomas Thompson-Sally Mazzarella Park, which is jointly owned by the town and village.