In today’s Buzz Michelle Obama and Donald Trump talk about the 2016 campaign, the Justice Department announces a nationwide effort to track data related to police shootings and other violent encounters with the public, and we take an aerial look at what has become of Aleppo.

Today’s Buzz is brought to you by the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in the literature, Robert Zimmerman.  I would argue that he is the most influential American artist ever born. Bob Dylan’s early albums are the sole reason I fell in love with music at an early age.


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Two speeches in two hours crystallize the state of Campaign 2016 Two speeches. Two Americas. A pair of apocalyptic arguments and one call to burn down the house. That’s the summation from just two remarkable hours Thursday that crystallized the final month of Campaign 2016. In back-to-back appearances, in what might be the two most compelling hours of the entire election, Michelle Obama in New Hampshire and Donald Trump in Florida delivered the fiercest, most provocative and hardest-hitting speeches of an election cycle that has been without precedent in hot rhetoric.

Berlin, 1945; Grozny, 2000; Aleppo, 2016  The destruction is so complete that it obliterates even a sense of time. At a glance, the video could show Berlin in 1945 or Grozny, 2000. Mass death erases all distinctions.





50 Nifty

Carrier accidentally sends Google Pixel phone a week early to lucky guy  That’s the Reddit handle of an Australian man who’s taken advantage of a postal stuff-up to showcase the Google Pixel phone a week before its actual release date.

Trump Gets Ready to Be a Bad Loser  In mid-August, a low point for Donald Trump, when he trailed behind Hillary Clinton by about eight points, one of his top advisers confronted the candidate during a meeting at Trump Tower.

Republican Women Are Unendorsing Trump Twice As Fast As Men Are  We are used to hearing about a gender gap among the U.S. electorate. But the 2016 election — and, more specifically, Donald Trump — has produced a new gender gap, this one among the Republican Party’s elected officials.

Pacific Northwest: Major storms starting Thursday to bring heavy rain, high winds  Between the National Weather Service’s special weather statements (and laundry list of weather warnings) and Cliff Mass’ doomsday-esque post from Tuesday, it’s pretty clear: the Northwest is probably in for lots of wind and rain Thursday through the weekend.

Bozo’s back! And, kids, he’s not one of the mean clowns  Art Cervi’s version of Bozo the Clown is a cherished memory for thousands of Detroiters and Windsorites alike.

Why the Supreme Court Matters More to Republicans than Trump  John Boehner might be the last Republican in the country you’d expect to stick with Donald Trump right about now.

Trump Goes to War  In Donald Trump’s war of all against all, none shall be spared.

9 Books About City Life You Must Read This Fall  A great book about a city transports you there, whether its streets are familiar to you or utterly foreign. Serious or slapstick, it conveys the sense of being on the block—the cast of characters you’d encounter, what it might feel like to be a regular.

San Francisco Makes a Guerrilla Bike Lane Permanent  Since debuting this year, the anonymous San Francisco Municipal Transformation Authority has installed more than a half-dozen interventions in the city to protect cyclists, mainly in the form of orange cones that barricade bike lanes from cars.

D.C. Metro’s Latest Fix: Disinvest in the City’s Poor, Black Neighborhoods  No discussion of D.C.’s flailing Metro system is complete without .GIFs of dumpster fires and novel imperatives like “unsuck.” But D.C.’s rail system could be worse. Metro always finds ways to remind passengers of this fact.

Memo From Britain: Facing ‘Brexit,’ Lawmakers Ask How to ‘Make Britain Great Again’  Conservatives in Parliament want all the old symbols of the island nation’s empire — including a royal yacht — as they continue to call for a “hard Brexit.”

‘We’re Not Hypothetical’: Immigrants In The U.S. Illegally Speak Out  Immigrants living in the United States without documentation have their eyes on this year’s election.

Zika Virus Transmission Found In A Second Area Of Miami  Florida health officials say they have identified five cases in which people appear to have contracted Zika through mosquitoes in an area that includes Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood.


Local Government Confidential

Bastrop may restart city manager search after alleged violations  Bastrop’s search for a new city manager might have hit a roadblock after attorneys at Tuesday’s City Council meeting questioned whether the process to select a firm to lead the search was flawed and unlawful.

Middleport village board responds to animal issues  Now that the newspaper has reported two lengthy articles about the proposed animal law in the Village of Middleport, we, the members of the village board, feel it’s time to present a more complete list of the facts that pertain to the review of the law.

Petition, emails, calls flood in over Seattle City Council’s homeless-rights plan  Seattle City Council members say they’ve been slammed with thousands of emails and phone calls in recent weeks from constituents weighing in on an ordinance that would create new protections for homeless campers on city property.