Today’s Buzz features the continued fallout from Trump’s reprehensible comments, the Epi-Pen settlement, and the Floating City of Silicon Valley’s dream. The buzz is adorned with some of photographer Laura Izumikawa’s work featuring her 4-month-old daughter, Joey Marie.



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Republicans Call For Donald Trump To Drop Out; Trump Says He Won’t Quit: Amid calls for Donald Trump to step aside, the candidate says he’d “never withdraw.” The calls to drop out come after a leaked recording of Trump has him talking about kissing and groping women.

Melania blasts ‘offensive’ Trump, says she accepts apology Melania Trump sent out an official statement urging people to accept his apology.


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At least $100 million in damage in Volusia after Hurricane Matthew

The sun came out in Central Florida on Saturday, but it also shed light on the incredible damage brought by Hurricane Matthew on the eastern seaboard: 12 deaths nationwide so far, roads collapsed, more than $100 in damage recorded in just one Florida county

Possible PERS fix: Borrowing money With a $22 billion deficit in Oregon’s public pension system threatening budgets around the state, members of the two boards charged with overseeing the system’s financial stability are weighing the option of issuing pension bonds to fill the gap and potentially save some money.

Paris Climate Accord Will Take Effect November 4 October 5 was an historic day, hailed President Obama, as nations responsible for emitting more than 55 percent of world carbon emissions have now signed the Paris climate agreement, the threshold needed for the accord to take effect in 30 days.

Mylan to pay $465 million EpiPen settlement EpiPen-maker Mylan reached a $465 million settlement with the Justice Department to “resolve questions that have been raised” about whether the Medicaid program overpaid for the lifesaving allergy injection, the company said in a release Friday afternoon.

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KC Streetcar Authority marks millionth ride for downtown transit system

They thought it would take a year, but it took only five months. The Kansas City Streetcar Authority marked the millionth ride milestone on Friday.

Repair scams a certainty after Hurricane Matthew, insurers warn: Insurance inspectors and adjusters were fanning out Friday across Florida, some driving RVs that serve as complete offices, to get services to hurricane victims. But if you don’t contact them first, or even just call your insurance company, you’re at risk for falling victim to Florida’s hottest new fraud scheme – assignment of benefits fraud.

The ‘Floating City’ of the Silicon Valley’s Dreams: The country of French Polynesia is on the verge of permitting a floating city, funded by wealthy Silicon Valley interests and sustained by utopian dreams.

How Office Parks and Corporate Campuses Evolved: The office park has become a suburban given, disliked by some, but once it represented a utopian vision of work away from the city. Here’s a look at how the Silicon Valley model developed, and where it might be going.